Code Red Fortnite Tournament Recap | Final Standings | Analysis

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Code Red Fortnite Tournament Recap | Final Standings | Analysis

Many of the best Fortnite duos in North America competed against each other in the latest Code Red Tournament. The event was similar to Code Red Fortnite events of the past, as BOOM.TV sponsored the event and offered $10,000 in total prizes.

Code Red is an organization that has rapidly grown in popularity thanks in part to Herschel “Dr. Disrespect” Beam IV, a popular Twitch streamer and Esports personality. Beahm serves as an advisor to the company and uses his status in the esports industry to promote Code Red events.

With the ability to play at their house with their own peripherals, the Code Red Tournament attracted many of the best streamers and competitive Fortnite players in NA. For many, there was no reason not to play in the event as it did not interfere with personal streaming schedules.  Duos from most major organizations competed, including the winners of the ESL Katowice Royale (Vinny1x and Zexrow) and the top-ranked player in my NA Fortnite Power Rankings (Ghost Bizzle).


The tournament featured a point system similar to the ESL Katowice. Players gained points for placement as each game progressed as well as for each elimination. This point format has been well-received by players as they feel it provides a more accurate measurement for success than prior scoring systems. Teams earned a constant 6 points per elimination and a maximum of 65 placement points for a Victory Royale. Teams competed in a total of 6 games.

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Final Standings

At the end of the day, Ghost teammates Bizzle and Dmo took home first place with 407 points. Other notable duo placements (points, placement) were TSM Vinny1x and Zexrow (365, 4th), TSM Myth and Commandment (262, 8th) and Liquid Vivid and 72hrs (164, 20th). Below are screenshots of the full standings as presented on BOOM.TV.

Fortnite Esports StandingsFortnite Esports StandingsFortnite Esports StandingsFortnite Esports StandingsFortnite Esports Standings

For more information about Code Red and the tournament, click here. Thanks for reading and make sure to follow us on Twitter for more Esports news as it occurs!

Images Via: Boom.TV & Twin Galaxies

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