Cloud9 vs Golden Guardians Preview: 2023 LCS Spring Finals

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Cloud9 vs Golden Guardians Preview: 2023 LCS Spring Finals

The biggest fairytale story in LCS history is just one step away from becoming reality.

There aren’t too many stories like 2023 Golden Guardians in esports. They’ve started the season with the lowest expectations, even we put them 8th in our power rankings, and even with a seven-game win streak they made playoffs in the last available spot. Every Golden Guardians player improved massively during the season and they managed to overcome every challenge they faced. Two five-game series against some of the best teams in the league and they just have one more team left between them and the LCS trophy.

Cloud9 is the other side of the coin. Reigning champions led the regular season ever since they brought in EMENES from their Challengers team and they speedrun another playoff bracket. The sentiment around tomorrow’s series is a quick victory for them, but Golden Guardians are quickly becoming experts at subverting expectations.

Cloud9 vs Golden Guardians Preview


Cloud9 should be confident going into tomorrow. They match up against GG’s strengths real well. Fudge is a hard matchup for any top laner, and he’ll probably be willing to answer Licorice in carry versus carry lanes. Blaber and EMENES are hard to bully, especially when they are in good form. And as much as the GG bot has been great, Berserker and Zven is the best bot lane in the league. Coming out of one of his best series, and he just won the MVP, Berserker is just scary at the moment.

Golden Guardians

There are a lot of stories surrounding Golden Guardians. Four consecutive LCS Finals for huhi as he quickly rises in the all-time LCS player rankings. One of the best mid-season improvements from Licorice, from one of the worst top laners in the league to carrying his team in Game 5 with a 9/09 NA Fiora. River and Gori establishing as one of the best mid-jungle duos in the league. And last but not least, Stixxay making it to the biggest stage in North America after 2547 days.

However their journey ends, this Golden Guardians roster is just what LCS needed in some rough times.

Cloud9 vs Golden Guardians Predictions

It would be the dream scenario for every neutral fan to see an underdog victory with a Lower Bracket run. Unfortunately, underdogs are underdogs for a reason. Golden Guardians have been a great story to follow this playoffs, but the series should be fairly easy for Cloud9, 3-1.

How to watch Cloud9 vs Golden Guardians

Cloud9 vs Golden Guardians 2023 LCS Spring Finals Fans matchup will be played on April 9, 4 pm ET (22:00 CET) can watch the series on or the official LCS Youtube and Twitch channels. For Spanish-speaking fans, LCS also started their Spanish broadcast in partnership with LLA, you can find the stream on the LLA Twitch channel.

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Cloud9 vs Golden Guardians Preview: 2023 LCS Spring Finals
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