Cented Has Unretired from Fortnite After 1 Week

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Cented Has Unretired from Fortnite After 1 Week

Just a short while after his dramatic departure, a major player is back in the game as Cented has unretired from Fortnite.

Cented has been all over the news for Fortnite lately. He recently announced his retirement in dramatic terms, after receiving backlash for past toxic behavior. Many said the player could likely take some time off and then return to the game once he’s matured and things had died down. Despite the player’s personal behavior and the quite certain statement of quitting, Cented has unretired from Fortnite after just a week.

The player is undoubtedly one of the best Fortnite players currently active. He’s dominated recent tournaments and has remained on the top of the game. He initially said he was retiring and not coming back. After a very short amount of time, though, it seems Cented is back to the grind.

Cented Clarifies His Retirement Statment

Just a short while after announcing his retirement, Cented returned to social media for a bit of an update. His original retirement drew criticism for not accepting his own role in the events that led to his retirement. The player followed up on this, though, with a further clarifying statement.

Cented took to social media a few days after his retirement to post. “I did this to myself. My own actions, my own words, and my own wilful ignorance brought me here. Following the release of the clip, I panicked and did everything wrong. I tried to turn things around on my own but I was also really scared and really angry. I became a really angry person and for every step forward I took in taking care of myself and my mental health, I’d take a step back with one angry tweet. I just wanted to say that I take responsibility for my role in this. That I started it. That’s it all easily avoidable. I’m not asking for sympathy, I just wanted to be honest about the toll everything had taken on me.”

This statement addressed a lot of the main problems people had with his original retirement statement. He’s addressed that the problem stems from his original behaviour.

In the original reaction to his retirement, a lot of people suggested that Cented should step away from the public side of the game. Grind in private, and stay off of social media. It looks like he might have taken that advice recently.

Cented Unretires from Fortnite

Cented might be fresh off retirement, but it doesn’t seem like he’s gone away long enough to get rusty. The player is back playing, with it being clear this week that Cented is unretiring from Fortnite.

He’s appeared in social media posts made by Dignitas Duke. It seems Cented has a brand-new partner and is back to the grind, with the player announcing their drop spot for upcoming events.

Cented himself hasn’t said anything about a return to Fortnite. It might be that he’s taking the advice of other players and keeping himself away from the public, but continuing to grind. A player on his level is likely to get a decent share of cash, especially with the bigger Fortnite 2023 esports line-up just announced. While he might not be a personality on Twitter anymore, Cented definitely still looks like a contender for the game’s upcoming tournaments.

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Cented's Original Retirement From Fortnite

Cented is a five-time runner-up for the FNCS and performed great at other events, but the player had announced that he was bowing out of the game in Season 4. The news wasn't entirely unexpected after all of his recent issues. Cented explained his move in a Twitlonger, not his first public statement on the platform.

The player said that he wasn’t leaving the game because of problems with how it’s been developed, like the move to new different Chapters or the changing atmosphere from orgs and Fortnite teams. Instead, he’s retiring because of the backlash against him after his public hate speech came to light last year.

The player has gone on to detail the ways that the backlash has affected him. This has made the statement a little controversial in certain quarters, with some specifically calling it out as being overly focused on what’s happened to him and not on what he did to provoke this reaction in the first place. It’s been a controversial retirement, though. While some seem to feel it's an empty gesture this far on, others are more interested in the game losing a high-level player than past sins.

Cented’s skill at Fortnite is undisputed, even if his behavior hasn’t always been admirable. The player was one of the best players of the last few years, far and away.  He most recently took first in the FNCS Invitational 2022. In past FNCS finals, he’s had good finishes too like 2nd in Chapter 3 Season 2, and Chapter 2 Seasons 7, 6, 5, 4. He had an amazing run in Chapter 2 and hasn’t struggled in Chapter 3 all that much. He’s would have been missed in the new Chapter’s competitive scene, but there’s a good reason that Cented had announced he was quitting Fortnite.

What Happened With Cented?

Cented is Quitting Fortnite - the Faze clan logo, a stylized red F with a white outline, appears against a black background

The situation goes back further than just this apology and statement that Cented is quitting Fortnite. The player had a scandal previously which has led to all of this. Cented has had more than one problem with his behavior in the past.

In 2022, the player was a part of FaZe and regularly lit up the top of the leaderboard in Fortnite events. That changed when the player was reprimanded for hate speech. In a Twitch stream, he said a racial slur. A clip of this later surfaced.

He was then kicked out of FaZe clan in the aftermath. The player said a racial slur to other players open entering a Discord server. It raises questions about the culture around these players, that such casual use of such words is okay, and how this kind of behavior impacts Fortnite’s, particularly younger audiences. The clip has led to him being removed from the team and condemned a lot of Fortnite fans.

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The player couldn’t behave properly enough to be trusted by a team, but it presented a dilemma for some as he clearly had the skill to compete on the highest level. It’s a growing argument in esports over to what degree personal misbehaviour should be tolerated in light of talent, and if orgs are doing enough to ensure players aren’t setting bad examples. Cented is far from the only player to have these problems.

The incident seemed to be a watermark moment for FaZe. They released a statement saying they could no longer support discriminatory language. This seemingly references into past incidents when FaZe players had trouble over their similar use of hate speech.

Fans Struggled to Move On

In the stament to explain that Cented was quitting Fortnite, the player specifically said that the backlash for this incident didn’t fade and continued to plague the player causing personal problems. He also called out some actions he had taken to try and make up for the controversy, including paying for his own sensitivity training. Although ultimately seems accusatory towards those who didn't move on very fast rather than focusing on his own role.

Some have criticised a lack of sensitivity from Cented in his statement, though. While he briefly discusses his initial incident to defend himself, Cented largely focuses on how the consequences of his actions have affected him.

This is how the statement originally looked, he's since updated it with more information that addresses some of these problems. As mentioned above.

Cented’s Future

This move likely writes Cented out of competing for at least a few FNCS events. Is this the final end for the player, though? Some fans have been unsure. In his leaving statement, Cented discussed how he expected the backlash to have passed by now and the continued effects were taking a toll on the player. Although, players have come back from worse, despite that never quite being a popular move.

Cented likely could return to the top flight of Fortnite in the future. He did not get banned for the initial hate speech problem, instead retiring himself much later. The player’s skills have kept him at the top for much longer than most players manage. His previous outburst wasn’t enough for r Epic to take action, so there’s little stopping Cented from making a return if and when he feels up to it. Some fans have suggested it might be wiser for Cented to continue his competitive grind in silence and step away from the celebrity aspects of being a pro player in future.

Cented’s problems are an example of how a player’s personal problems can follow them despite in-game success. For those who thought being kicked from FaZe wasn’t quite enough, this might be more validation than the initial punishments. However, quitting on his own terms means he’s always free to make a return when he feels up to it.

Cented Has Unretired from Fortnite After 1 Week
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