FNCS Invitational 2022 Results and Fracture Event Teased

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FNCS Invitational 2022 Results and Fracture Event Teased

The 2022 FNCS invitational played out over the weekend and a new Champion has been crowned for the years Fortnite competitive action. It was an entertaining weekend. While close at times, Kami and Setty took the top place in the FNCS Invitational 2022 results, triumphing over the rest of the top players in the game. They took home the lion’s share of the $1 million prize pool, and have cemented themselves up as the top players for the year.

This is how it went down, and how Kami and Setty have become the top players in the FNCS Invitational 2022 results. Along with what we know about the next major event, which got an early tease at the end pf the event.

Kami and Setty Win FNCS Invitational 2022 Results

FNCS Invitational Results - Kami and Setty

Kami and Setty went into the FNCS Invitational 2022 as one of the players to watch, after strong performances at Gamers8 LAN and FNCS tournaments. The Duo had strong competition though, with all of the best players showing up to this tournament.

The team started the weekend out strong. In the first round of the tournament, they got the Victory Royale and 6 kills across the game. This is a huge way to start the tournament off. Dubs aren’t everything, but it set the stage for a great run.

Their next round saw them hit 6th, and clock up 4 kills. Not the best placement in the game, but it was a decent second round after dominating the first. Their 3rd was a bit of a false start, coming in only 34th after getting a single kill.  Round 5 was similarly disappointing.

The game saw Kami and Setty return to the top, grabbing second place and 4 kills, only just losing out on that first place. Round 6 saw them grab their second win of the tournament getting 8 kills too, by far their strongest so far. The duo got yet another Victory Royale in the 9th round, once again with 6 kills. While a few games had lower placements they were one of the most consistent performers across the tournament.

Kami and Setty definitely earnt their win. The top placing team at the last FNCS Invitational results went on to be one of the most focused on players in the new Chapter’s tournaments, Kami and Setty are likely going to have a lot more attention on them at their next Fortnite event.

The Rest of the FNCS Invitational 2022 Results

FNCS Invitational Results - Kami and Setty

Kami and Setty might have taken the top spot, but the rest of the high placing Duos performed well here too. Veno and Queasy took second place at the event, with 2 Victory Royales over the course of the event and averaging more than 4 kills per game. That’s an average that was helped quite a bit by their fifth game. Here they took 1st place but managed to rack up 11 kills.

Third place went to Cented and Cold. These two were favourites heading in and had some good matches, especially their second and ninth, where they came second but managed 9 kills.  A few bad rounds let them down in the overall rankings though, after they placed 47th in the first game with zero kills, and 40th in the 6thwithout any kills. A more consistent set of results might have made the difference, but in the end 3rd place is still a pretty strong result for the Duo.

While Kami and Setty took the overall win in the FNCS Invitational 2022 results, loads of Duos had a great weekend and these are some of the other top-ranking teams.

Highlights and Problems at the Stream

FNCS Invitational Results - FTX

Kami and Setty’s win might have been the take-away from the weekend, but it wasn’t without a few other surprises. One stream highlight was TSM players dealing with the fallout from the FTX collapse. The crypto company has been a big sponsor of esports teams. Reet and Epikwhale’s appearance on the stream saw their shirts covered with black tape to block out the now defunct sponsor. A nice detail, for anyone waiting to see what the crypto meltdown means their esports sponsorships.

Kami and Setty grabbing the win even resulted in some less than family friendly action at the tournament. Setty stuck his middle finger up at Queasy and Veno, two players they’d just eliminated to grab the win. The players’ smile seemed to imply this wasn’t a cold-hearted put down and more a bit of fun. This wasn’t the most visible development, but a nice bit of character on the stream.

Fortnite Fracture

FNCS Invitational Results - Fracture

The FNCS Invitational 2022 results might be in, but it’s not the end for the game’s 2022 plans. We’ve got our first teases for what’s coming next.

The stream ended with a tease for Fortnite Fracture. That’s going to be an end of season event, that takes us into a brand-new Chapter. The new Chapter 4 coming earlier than we thought has been rumoured and in Fortnite Chapter 4 leaks for a while. However, we now have confirmation. Chapter 3 is going to end with the current season, giving us just a few more weeks of the current map and content. It looks like there’s a decent sized event coming for the end too.

Fortnite Esports in 2023

The FNCS Invitational 2022 results finished with a bang. We have some idea of what’s coming next too. Chapter 3 has been a bit quieter on the esports side of things. As the game has settled into a rhythm of FNCS tournaments and cash cups. It isn’t quite as exciting as when everything was brand new. However, things are looking up a bit for the game.

The introduction of Zero Builds in Chapter 3 has been controversial in some departments. It’s undoubtably been a success for epic, with loads of players flooding back in with the more casual game mode. In itself though, it’s a reaction to how high-skill Fortnite has become. The sweats cranking out skyscrapers and editing at lightning-fast speed was a deterrent to some casual players. Although, that’s meant that competitive players have to put up with a loot pool and changes in seasons that have occasionally felt more planned for the popular Zero Builds mode.

A new season opens a lot of new potential for the game. It could be reorganizing the map to better reflect the now more popular game mode, or it could spell a return to a focus on building. Or even more competitive events for Zero Build.

There’s promises of even bigger events coming to the game in the future. With the title moving over to Chapter 4 earlier than expected, we could see more changes for epsorts. In the past, Chapter changes have meant alterations to the entire format for competitive Fortnite. We’ll have to see how Chapter 4 fares, and if its esports offerings are any different. We could even be on the verge of events like the World Cup finally making a comeback.

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FNCS Invitational 2022 Results and Fracture Event Teased
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