CBD Makes Its Break Into Esports With Brax And SummaForte

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CBD Makes Its Break Into Esports With Brax And SummaForte

Former Counter-Strike Champion and now Valorant professional Braxton “Brax” Pierce has teamed up with SummaForte for a fresh take on CBD in esports.

The CBD market has boomed in previous years. Most traditional and nontraditional sports have strived to incorporate the supplement in beneficial ways. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an extract that contains no THC or psychoactive elements, but still harnesses healing properties. SummaForte is a first of its kind for CBD and esports, using science to create products catered to their community. Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, and even back pain are something that professional gamers will encounter if they maintain an extended career in the hot seat of competitive gaming.

“I’ve been using SummaTape and SummaMix for a while and they’ve both helped me step up my game. The tape is easy to apply and helps my hands recover from long scrim blocks.  The mix is tasty and an easy part of my daily routine. I’m excited to be SummaForte's first ambassador and an early advocate for CBD in gaming, and I look forward to helping bring healthy performance to the scene.” said Brax. Just because gamers are sitting for extended periods doesn’t mean they can’t develop healthy habits and rehabilitate their body while they grind.

Health and gaming

Physical wellness and healthy schedules have just begun to be integrated into esports as organizations look to increase the quality of life and longevity of their players. Every esport revolves around the hands, whether it is on console or PC. SummaForte’s SummaTape CBD-infused Kinesiology tape is designed to increase blood flow and reduce strain on the players’ hands. Staying hydrated and alert are everything in gaming, and as tournaments take on longer formats, players must adapt.  In a world filled with overly-caffeinated drinks targeted at gamers, SummaMix is a refreshing take on performance and recovery. SummaForte has taken the time to do the research and the hope is that gamers trade in gaming pre-workout powders for something that keeps them in the game and on top of their game for longer.

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