Call of Duty & Overwatch Top Canada’s List of Most Popular Esports

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Call of Duty & Overwatch Top Canada’s List of Most Popular Esports

Toronto’s franchise teams top the charts of most popular esports.

Twitter recently published data on Canada's gaming scene. This data showed that Call of Duty and Overwatch and the top two esports games in Canada, while League of Legends came fourth. This influx in esports traffic comes with a 75% increase in gaming tweets from Canadians, with over two billion sent in 2020.

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Canadians also made massive strides to push the Toronto Ultra into the 4th most mentioned esports franchise in Canada. This is an incredible feat in their inaugural season and sees them beat the likes of G2 Esports.

With OverActive Media being the owners of Canada’s Call of Duty and Overwatch franchises, CEO Chris Overholt said, “These are fantastic metrics for our entire organization and lends further credence to our business thesis that pro esports franchises are the way forward in our industry.” With the Call of Duty League kicking off yesterday, we are yet to see the Toronto Ultra in action. However, we can be sure to see a lot about them on Twitter when we do.

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