C9 vs NRG Preview: 2023 LCS Summer Finals

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C9 vs NRG Preview: 2023 LCS Summer Finals

The 2023 LCS Season is coming to its conclusion with the final series of the year between Cloud9 and NRG.

Despite the massive differences between the two teams—one of them the back-to-back champions looking to win their third to establish themselves as a dynasty, the other is the underdog stepping into its first Finals—Cloud9 and NRG has been one of the best rivalries in recent LCS years. Even with Cloud9 dominating the region for a better part of a couple of years, NRG—and CLG—has been the team that gave them the most trouble. But the young core of NRG has always struggled to do the same when it comes to playoffs, and now they will have to perform when the stakes are the highest.

C9 vs NRG Preview


It’s strange to say Cloud9 didn’t have the best showing this playoffs since they are yet to lose a game, but their wins definitely feel different. The games aren’t as dominant and their gameplay has a lot more mistakes. But in the end, they have more than enough structure and experience together to be able to win against anyone in NA.

This playoffs so far has been the Berserker show for the most part. Spring MVP has been proving game after game what makes him so special in this region, and with him in good form, Cloud9 is a different beast. One big worry for C9 could’ve been Fudge’s performance, which isn’t up to his usual standards. But considering Dhokla isn’t necessarily the best laner to punish him, he might have a better series.

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NRG is three games away from doing the impossible, but their job is really hard this time around. They already lost the first series they played against Cloud9 this playoffs—0-3 in the Upper Bracket Finals. And that was with them having good games. Looking at the individual matchups, aside from Palafox who is having a great playoff run, NRG is probably disadvantaged in all roles.

C9 vs NRG Predictions

Predicting anything but a Cloud9 victory for today would be unreasonable considering where these teams stand and what their histories are against each other—especially with the recent 3-0 C9 vs NRG series. Even with NRG stepping it up against TL after the loss it’s hard to imagine them winning more than one game.

How to watch C9 vs NRG

Fans can watch the game on the official LoL Esports website for the chance to earn exclusive drops from Riot, which will be available throughout the whole event. Or you can catch the action on LCS Twitch and Youtube channels.

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C9 vs NRG Preview: 2023 LCS Summer Finals
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