Best Ways to Farm Overwatch Coins

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Best Ways to Farm Overwatch Coins

Find out the best ways to farm Overwatch Coins in the popular first-person shooter game by Blizzard

Overwatch 2’s Season 9 dropped last month and like always, the fps title still has its player base hooked to the game. One of the tempting aspects is the cosmetics that the game has to offer. They not only allow you to flex in front of your friends and opponents but really add to the whole gaming experience, giving you an identity.

Cosmetics, along with the Season's Battle Pass, and bundles featured in the Shop can only be purchased with Overwatch Coins. We are here to discuss the best ways to farm Overwatch Coins so you can have a good amount of the premium in-game currency. 

Best Ways to Farm Overwatch Coins

Here are a few ways you can accumulate Overwatch Coins (for free or not). 

Weekly Challenges

If you are not looking to spend any money, this is your primary source of Overwatch Coins. Head over to the menu of Challenges and you will see a tab of ‘Weekly’. Every week, you need to complete a set of weekly challenges to get Overwatch. Make sure to do them every week as the challenges will reset. 

You can complete a total of 12 challenges every week. Completing 4, 9, and 12 challenges will grant you 30, 20, and 10 Overwatch Coins respectively. This means you can get a total of 60 Overwatch Coins every week. Therefore, by the end of each season, you should have 480 overwatch coins which we know doesn’t sound like much but they will eventually pile up if you have the patience for it. 

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If you are not too patient and have the means to afford Overwatch coins, purchasing them is pretty worth it. You can buy them from the shop in the game shop or head over to, which is an official platform by Blizzard Entertainment. 

You can choose from their packages according to what fits your needs and affordability most: 500 coins – $4.99

1000 coins – $9.99
2200 coins – $19.99
5700 coins – $49.99
11600 coins – $99.99. 

Bing Rewards and Twitch Drops

If you don’t want to swipe your card, don’t worry! There are still some f2p ways up our sleeves. If you are using Google as your search engine, time to ditch that and shift to Bing. You'll get points for every search, with a daily cap. There are other ways to get Bing points, keep an eye on the dashboard!

You can redeem these points for a lot of Bing Rewards, one of them being Overwatch 2 coins. You will get a redemption code which you will have to use on their site: You have the option to exchange 10,000 points for 1,000 Overwatch Coins or go for 200 coins at 1,800 points, which is a better deal at 9 points per coin.

Blizzard sometimes drops exciting rewards as Twitch drops on Twitch streams. Follow them on their socials or visit their website from time to time to keep yourself updated about such streams and if you are lucky, you can get cosmetics just by watching!

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Best Ways to Farm Overwatch Coins
Credit: Blizzard News – Blizzard Entertainment

Apart from cosmetics, you can also use these Coins to purchase a seasonal Battle Pass. Furthermore, with the premium version of the Battle Pass, you can use Overwatch Coins to unlock in-game tiers, making your gameplay experience much better! Farm and use your coins wisely. 

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Best Ways to Farm Overwatch Coins
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