Best Overwatch 2 Venture Combos In Season 10

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Best Overwatch 2 Venture Combos In Season 10

If you want to know the best Overwatch 2 Venture combos in Season 10, this article will provide you with all of the information. Let’s learn how to use this hero.

Venture is the latest addition in Overwatch 2 Season 10, and it is looking good. We already have a full Venture guide about the Overwatch 2 hero, where you can learn more about the Venture Overwatch 2 abilities and ultimate, as well as some of the best counters you can get.

All of those things are important, people also want to know more about the best Overwatch 2 Venture combos. The new hero will be incredibly popular once Season 10 becomes available, so let’s see which are the best heroes you can use it with.

Best Overwatch 2 Venture Combos in Season 10

If you take a look at the Venture Overwatch 2 Reddit and other places, you can find all sorts of different combos that people tried using. The hero is still relatively new, so we expect to have even more options in the future. With that said, there are a few alternatives that are worth checking, so let’s analyze each one.



If you read the Overwatch 2 Season 10 patch notes, you will see that Rein got two big Earthshatter buffs. Speaking of the ultimate, it can do wonders when used alongside Venture, especially when the enemies are grouped together. 

Our team tried using the Overwatch 2 Venture Ultimate alongside Rein’s, and the results were shocking. As long as the tank can stun several units that are grouped together, Venture’s AoE damage is more than enough to land free kills. From our experience, every single unit in the Earthshatter will die, except for a high-HP tank, such as Roadhog or Wrecking Ball.


Orisa Roadhog counters

Another Overwatch 2 Venture combo that we were interested in was with Orisa. The latter has been one of the go-to tanks in the last couple of patches, and the hero has been strong. As we expected, the tank and Venture worked extremely well when they were in a team.

Orisa’s ultimate allows the hero to “collect” all enemy units close to each other. Once that happens, the insane Venture Overwatch 2 damage can do its wonders and kill pretty much everyone. If that does not happen, Orisa’s ult will be more than enough to land a kill once it’s charged.

Unlike the combo with Reinhardt, the Venture + Orisa combination is easier to pull off. With that said, the person playing Orisa has to be careful and try to “gather” as many heroes as possible. Failing to do that will not allow Venture to utilize its ult. 


 Best Overwatch 2 Venture Combos In Season 10

Another hero that received minor changes in Overwatch 2 Season 10 is Illari. Thankfully, they do not impact her ability to work hand in hand with Venture and produce one of the deadliest Overwatch 2 combos we’ve seen.

After trying out the Overwatch 2 Venture gameplay, we’ve decided to pair the hero with Illari. When both of them have their ultimates up, the damage output is absolutely insane, especially when the enemies are grouped up. 

The only problem here is that enemies need to stay close if you want the Venture Overwatch 2 combo to be effective. Fortunately, there is a hero who can do that.

To be honest, you don’t even need to have your ultimate. As long as your enemies are close, you can use your normal abilities and still rip through them.


 Best Overwatch 2 Venture Combos In Season 10

Besides the similarities in the way their weapon works, Venture and Zarya can actually be one of the best combos in Overwatch 2 Season 10. For starters, Zarya’s shields make killing Venture even harder because the hero has an additional layer of protection.  As for the damage output, the two ultimates are insane.

If you analyze some Venture Overwatch 2 gameplay, you will see that their ult is a lot more effective when it hits multiple targets at once. As you know, Zarya’s ultimate can trap enemies into place, allowing Venture to rip through them like a knife through butter.

Depending on the trapped heroes, Venture may not even need their ultimate to kill the trapped units. However, our tests have proven that it’s better to have both because you may not be able to finish your opponents for the duration of the ability.

Other Overwatch 2 Venture Combos

Besides the heroes mentioned here, we have tried using Venture alongside several other heroes, and the results were pretty good. Generally speaking, any hero with an AoE ability will work fine. Sombra, for example, can be a pretty good option to have because EMP will disable your opponents’ defensive abilities, allowing you to do even more damage.

Mei is another interesting hero who can work well, but it depends on when she uses her ult. Once enemies are frozen in place, you can quickly destroy them with your damage output.
Of course, we can also include Ana here because hero ult makes Venture even more dangerous. That said, she can work with any other DPS hero, so we don’t think this is among the Overwatch 2 Venture combos you should focus on too much.


Another thing we tested while using Venture in Overwatch 2 was related to the hero’s interaction with certain abilities. While burrowed, they won’t be able to receive any healing from heroes such as Mercy, Ana, or someone else. The same is true regarding Lucio’s ult, as well as some other allied abilities. This means that people who want to play Venture have to be very careful. 

The good news is that you can use this ability to dodge some of the opponent’s ultimates. For example, Venture can easily escape from Earthshatter, D.Va’s ult, and most other abilities. It all depends on when you time it.

Best Overwatch 2 Venture Combos In Season 10
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