Best Flying Mount in Palworld

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Best Flying Mount in Palworld

Finding best flying mount in Palworld is easier said than done. However, we’re here to show you what stands out.

When talking about the best Palworld flying mount, there are loads of different options you can come across. Each Pal is different, but those that have the ability to fly are just a bit more special. Besides the fact that the make traveling more exciting, they also allow you to reach your locations fast. So, let’s see the best flying mount in Palworld to move around the map.

Best Flying Mount in Palworld – List

From our experience, Astegon is probably the best flying pal in Palworld. His type is Dragon and Darkness and gives you the option to do more damage to ore when you are mounted. 

With that said, this is just one of the Palworld fastest flying mounts you will have. The game offers a lot of option options, so let’s learn more about each one:

  • Elphidran – This Pal’s type is Dragon, and when used, it causes Dark Pals to drop more items.
  • Frostallion – The best flying mount Palworld has Ice as its type. This allows it to enhance the ice attacks while mounted, and it can change your attack type to ice.
  • Jetdragon – This is another contender for the Palworld Best Flying Mount award. It is a dragon that can fire a missile launcher while mounted, making it extremely dangerous.  
  • Shadowbeak – This darkness Pal is probably the best-looking mount in Palworld, and it has the enhancement effect while mounted.
  • Nitewing – A classic flying mount in Palworld that deserves attention.
  • Suzaku Aqua – This water-type Pal increases your water damage
  • Suzaku – This flying mount in Palworld is similar to the previous one, but it uses fire and increases the fire attacks while mounted.
  • Vanwyrm Cryst – Using Darkness and ice, the Vanwyrm Cryst is definitely good-looking.
  • Vanwyrm – The last best flying mount Palworld that we want to include is Vanwyrm. He uses Fire and Darkness. Besides looking good, the mount also increases the damage you do to enemy weak points.
Best Flying Mount in Palworld
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