Best Emperor Thaurissan PVP Build for Warcraft Rumble Season 3

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Best Emperor Thaurissan PVP Build for Warcraft Rumble Season 3

The Emperor Thaurissan PVP build for Season 3 in Warcraft Rumble will show you one of the best options you can get.

Season 3 in Warcraft Rumble arrived a few days ago, and we already had Season 3 Update 4.0.0. In it, Blizzard introduced a lot of PVP changes that are about to take place, which means the company pays close attention to this part of the game. 

Speaking of PVP, the arrival of Warcraft Rumble Emperor Thaurissan changed the balance of power. A lot of people started using this leader because he is really strong, and it’s safe to say he is among the best for PVP. So, let’s learn more about the Emperor Thaurissan PVP deck you can focus on.

Warcraft Rumble Emperor Thaurissan PVP Build

We have been using the Emperor Thaurissan Season 3 PVP build you are about to see for some time now, and we believe it works extremely well. This is a meta build that is designed to shine in the current patch against most of your opponents. However, as you well know, everything is possible in the Warcraft Rumble PVP scene, so you need to be able to adapt. 

What’s specific about this build is that it focuses on dwarfs.

Emperor Thaurissan PVP Deck & Cycle

If you decide to experience Emperor Thaurissan Season 3 PvP, you can use the following units and abilities alongside him:

  • Prowler
  • Polymoprh
  • Execute
  • Gargoyle
  • S.A.F.E. Pilot
  • Blizzard

Even though this dick has a lot of abilities, we had huge success with them, so we believe they can be a solid option against almost all your opponents.

How to use the Emperor Thaurissan Season 3 PVP build?

Best Emperor Thaurissan PVP Build for Warcraft Rumble Season 3

The idea of this Warcraft Rumble PVP deck is to start slow and wait for your opponent to push. From what we’ve seen, most people on PVP will try to focus on a given lane, which is exactly what you need.

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Once you have more gold, it is time to make a move and try to bait your opponent using the Prowler. We also had success using Thaurissan himself, but the unit is too valuable to be used as bait, so it really depends on the situation. Of course, you can use your Prowler and SAFE Pilot when needed to get chest.

The idea is to monitor your opponent and what he’s doing and take advantage of the situation. So, if you see that he has chosen one of the lanes, go to the other one and use the power of Emperor Thaurissan wow to push and combine him with Execute to take down a tower. Once that happens, you can also summon a Gargoyle from the tower you just took over.

After getting this setup, your abilities and Prowler will help you keep Emperor Thaurissan and your Gargoyle alive. You can use Blizzard and Poly and even add the S.A.F.E. Pilot when needed.

Warcraft Rumble Season 3 PVP Build – Talents

Something that’s very important in the Warfraft Rumble PVP Season 3 Emperor Thaurissan draft is to have the right talents. We have used the following:

  • Thaurissan – Hubris
  • Execute – Bloodlust
  • Prowler – Stealth (this is a must-have)
  • Blizzard – Coldsnap 
  • S.A.F.E. Pilot – Comin In Hot
  • Polymorph – Stable Transfiguration – Despite the HP regen, the fact that Poly lasts twice as long allows you to control your opponent.
  • Gargoyle – Wing Buffet – this is the default option for this unit

Overall, this Emperor Thaurissan PVP build differs from what you’ve probably seen. The idea here is not to spam minis and try to overtake your opponent but to focus on reacting and taking advantage of this mistake. Many people will commit a lot to a given lane, allowing you to follow the steps and use everything you have on the other one.

We’ve played many games with this draft, and our win rate is really impressive, so we are confident in recommending using this deck against most opponents.

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Alternative Emperor Thaurissan PVP Build

Best Emperor Thaurissan PVP Build for Warcraft Rumble Season 3

If you do not like the build mentioned above, you can try several other options with the newest Warcraft Rumble Leader. One draft that we found particularly interesting includes a lot of different dwarfs, and we’ve seen people using it all over the place.

If you decide to use this Warcraft Rumble Season 3 PVP build, it requires you to have the following:

  • Emperor Thaurissan
  • Dark Iron Miner
  • Fire Elemental
  • Earth Elemental
  • Gryphon Rider
  • Firehammer
  • Mountaineer

The Dark Iron Miner is one of the best units you can have to steal gold. With that said, in the current lineup, he can also be used for pushing, especially if you add an Earth Elemental to soak up the damage.

Firehammer may seem odd in the current Emperor Thaurissian PVP deck, but the unit can be a pretty solid damage dealer. Once again, the only way to take advantage of her is if you have a tank, so keep that in mind.

Fire Elemental is a pretty good unit because it is tanky and does a little bit extra damage compared to the Earth Elemental. Considering he has Immolate, the unit is also good against swarms.


We’ve seen that most people who use this Emperor Thaurissan Rumble guide rely on the Mountaineer for baiting. Once the enemy is on the hook, you can use your other units to push to the other side of the map.

Lastly, we have Gryphon Rider, a unit that deals a lot of damage as long as it can stay alive.


These are just some of the Emperor Thaurissian PVP builds you can focus on. The latest leader in our favorite game can work in many different combos, which explains why there are loads of videos and guides about him.

Something to remember about this Emperor is that he is a pretty tank for a ranged unit, especially when compared to others. This means you can use him i na wide range of drafts, and all of them should do fine.


Best Emperor Thaurissan PVP Build for Warcraft Rumble Season 3
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