Warcraft Rumble Emperor Thaurissan Guide – Stats, Talents And More

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Warcraft Rumble Emperor Thaurissan Guide – Stats, Talents And More

This Emperor Thaurissan Guide will show you how to use the newest Warcraft Rumble Leader. 

Warcraft Rumble Season 3 arrived, and with it, we have the latest Warcraft Rumble Leader – Emperor Thaurissian. We knew that he was coming, but now that he is officially here, it is time for our complete overview. This Warcraft Runble Emperor Thaurissan guide will go over everything you need to know about the latest Blackrock leader because we believe he will be among the most popular options. 

Warcraft Rumble Emperor Thaurissan Guide – Basics & How to get him

Before looking deeper at the new Warcraft Rumble Season 3 leader, it’s time to learn a few intriguing things about it. From January 21, 2024, Warcraft Rumble Season 3 players will have access ot the latest leader. However, unlike the rest, he won’t be available from the G.R.I.D until Season 4 arrives.

If you are wondering how to get Emperor Thaurissan in Warcraft Rumble, you have to go to the Guild Warchest or “earn” him through PVP as a reward. Alternatively, the leader may become available in the Store. According to Blizzard, there will be three store offers from him. One will be at the start of the season, one in the middle of it, and one near the end.

Emperor Thaurissan Warcraft Rumble Season 3 – Stats & Abilities

Warcraft Rumble Emperor Thaurissan Guide
via Blizzard

Something important we wanted to share in this Emperor Thaurissan Guide is about the leader’s stats and abilities. Besides his name, you should remember that he is from the Blackrock family. You will need to use 4 gold to summon him, and his traits are AOE, Ranged, Fiery Weapon, and Elemental.

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Regarding the Emperor Thaurissan abilities, he has the following:

  • Lava Spike – This is a ranged elemental attack that also had extra components of physical damage. When used, Emperor Thaurissan will target the farthest enemy, slam the ground, and summon a magma pillar below it. This pillar will deal damage to the primary target, and it will affect enemies in a small area with the Burn effect. Furthermore, Lava Spike will cause an earth spike in frog of Thaurissan, which will deal damage to all melee units. In a situation with no ranged units, Emperor Thaurissan will target melee units, and the magma pillar will be in front of him.
  • Fiery Weapon – All allies will apply the burn effect when they deal physical damage.

Emperor Thaurissan Guide – Talents

Warcraft Rumble Emperor Thaurissan Guide
via Blizzard

The next important thing to mention in this Emperor Thaurissan Warcraft Rumble Season 3 guide is the leader’s talents

  • Moira’s Wit – Nearby enemies that are burning will heal Thaurissan.
  • Hubris – The next non-elemental mini will have +2 levels after using this leader.
  • Incinerate – Lava Spike’s burn damage becomes permanent. 

Overall, it seems like all of the talents can work in some situations, and it will depend a lot on the opponents you have to face. We believe that Hubris can be extremely strong in situations where you rely on specific minis for your tactic. In fact, this is probably one of the best talents for PVP you can have. Having +2 extra levels can make a real difference, especially when used on units like Gargoyle, Abomination, and others.

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We believe that Incinerate can also be a solid pick, but it really depends on what you focus on. The latest deals pretty food damage, but the burn DPS is not permanent on bosses and towers. In other words, it is not as good as you think, so be careful when going for it.

As for the Moira's Wit, we found that the “lifesteal” is just not as good as you think. Sure, it can help the leader stay alive for a bit longer, but considering what you get by using the other talents, it is probably better to focus on them. Having said that, we will update this Emperor Thaurissan guide once the talent gets buffed because we expect this to happen soon.

Emperor Taurissan Warcraft Rumble Season 3 Guide – Using the New Leader

Season 3 in Warcraft Rumble has just begun, which means that we will have to wait and use the new leader a lot before we can provide you with the best setups. We suggest following us for more information because we’ll update this Warcraft Rumble Emperor Thaurissan Guide as soon as we have reliable data. 

Warcraft Rumble Emperor Thaurissan Guide – Stats, Talents And More
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