Benjyfishy Catches Cheaters Red-Handed at $250K USD DreamHack Winter Event

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Benjyfishy Catches Cheaters Red-Handed at $250K USD DreamHack Winter Event

Fortnite professional Benjy “Benjyfishy” Fish exposed two players for collusion in the ongoing $250K USD DreamHack Winter event, leading to their disqualification.

Another group of players has been caught cheating in a sanctioned Fortnite tournament. This discovery was uncovered by Fortnite superstar, Benjy “Benjyfishy” Fish. Fish, who apparently works as a detective on the side, was replaying VODs of the tournament when he saw two players acting rather suspicious. Two players who go by the in-game names of “Shadoxxx” and “Stele98” appear to be teaming up in what is supposed to be a solo tournament. The tournament in question is the ongoing $250K USD Fortnite tournament held at this year’s DreamHack Winter event in Sweden.

Fish took to Twitter to post a video where “Shadoxxx” and “Stele98” can be seen teaming up in order to kill Luminosity Gaming player Dino “Khuma” Smriko. Both “Shadoxxx” and “Stele98” are in plain view of each other but clearly wait until Smriko walks between them to engage.  While many Fortnite cheating accusations in the past have had circumstantial and subjective evidence, this video is a little more conclusive.

The DreamHack officials thought so too. Less than an hour after Fish tweeted this video, both “Shadoxxx” and “Stele98” were disqualified from the tournament. “We're investigating the matter and disqualified the people in question for collusion,” DreamHack said on Twitter. “We'll continue to keep an eye out and investigate suspicious behavior.”

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The Cheating Scandals Continue

While cheating in Fortnite is nothing new, it is not often players get caught cheating in a live LAN tournament. Recent cheating scandals include Damion “XXiF” Cook and Ronald “Ronaldo” Mach being fed kills in the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers followed by Jarvis “FaZe Jarvis” Kaye using an aimbot in public matches last month.

This likely won’t be the last time players attempt to cheat on Fortnite either in online or offline tournaments. With these massive prize pools on the line, such as DreamHack’s $250K USD prize pool, certain players will do anything to win. The chance to walk away with such a life-changing amount of money has the potential to lure in some unethical players. Luckily we have good samaritans like Fish willing to rewatch gameplay and help tournament officials catch these cheaters.

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