Avoid These 6 Overwatch 2 Heroes in Season 10

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Avoid These 6 Overwatch 2 Heroes in Season 10

Following the Overwatch 2 hero changes in Season 10, some have become much stronger than others. Here are the names you should avoid.

The 10th season of Overwatch 2 added a lot of new things, such as a map, a new hero called Venture, as well as different hero changes. Even though not all changes are drastic, the meta is different.

We have been playing Overwatch 2 non-stop following the arrival of Season 10, so we have an idea of which heroes are good and which aren’t. Our goal is to help users rank as fast as possible, so it’s time to take a look at the Overwatch 2 heroes that are just not worth getting right now. They can work, depending on the situation, but unless you are really good with them and feel comfortable playing, you should focus on something else.




We’d like to start by saying that Hanzo was not one of the Overwatch 2 heroes that got nerfed after Season 10. This is a good thing, but we must remind you that the hero was heavily nerfed in Season 9 because his ability to one-shot people changed. Nowadays, landing kills with this hero is a lot more complicated, which is why many people started avoiding him.

Today, Hanzo is no different than before. He was really good when the hitboxes were larger, but after the nerfs, he is just not that powerful. Sure, he can work in some situations, especially if you are really good with him, but other Overwatch 2 heroes do a better job.


Normally, Overwatch 2 heroes that are new are always really strong, and people keep using them in every game. However, this was not the case with Lifeweaver because he was one of those options that did not shine at all. There were times when he was an OK pick, S9 and S10 (at least for now) are not okay for him.

Lifeweaver is one of the names that Blizzard will most likely have to rework in the future. He is a weird support whose abilities are questionable and will not work well all the time. Life Grip is a really good example because using this ability the wrong way can cause the entire team to lose the match.

The positive thing about Lifeweaver is that he can do a lot of damage, but this is not enough to make him worth picking. After all, supports like Baptsite also do a lot of damage but their utility and healing are better. 


The third of the Overwatch 2 Heroes that you should not pick right now is Reaper. He has been a situational hero for a long time, and the situation continues to be the same even in S10. Reaper did not get any buffs and nerfs, so you should only pick him when you need someone to deal with a annoying tank.

Reaper’s main weakness is that he needs to be close to be effective. His cooldowns are also a bit longer than they should be, which means people who can’t manage them will have problems.

Another issue with Reaper is that he is among the Overwatch 2 heroes who only shine in situations where he is not forced out. In other words, the enemies must not know how to deal with him if he wants to be effective. 


Avoid These 10 Overwatch 2 Heroes in Season 10

Many of you will think we are insane for including Illari on this list, but hear us out. This is a hero who can do insane amounts of damage with her ultimate. However, after the HP buffs, her overall damage output is not as good as before. While her hearing remains decent, this is not a support you want to have just for healing because others do a much better job.

Illari can still work really well in combination with some heroes, such as Venture. However, if you compare the S8 Illari to now, you will see she is among the Overwatch 2 heroes that you should probably avoid. 

Something we need to mention about Illari is that people with good aims can still make a difference. Sure, the damage output is not that good, but the support does a lot of damage overall, so it depends on who is playing.


Avoid These 10 Overwatch 2 Heroes in Season 10

Despite being an excellent support in specific setups, Ana is among the weird Overwatch 2 heroes right now. Her main weakness has been haunting her ever since she became available in the game – the lack of mobility. The hero is excellent in setups where this is not an issue, but the new modes in Overwatch 2 make this lack of mobility very punishing.

Ana needs protection to survive because she can be an easy target, especially against Sombra and other fast DPS heroes. Furthermore, the damaged output is not as good as before, so she is ineffective. Her Nade is also not that good, so think about those things before choosing what to get.

An Ana player who is left alone can do wonders, but all good players know that they should not do that. This is probably not the case among the lower ranks, so keep that in mind.


The next of the Overwatch 2 heroes that most people should probably avoid if they want to rank up faster is Genji. He is one of those situational picks that many people rely on when things go bad. However, unless you are a master Genji and know the ins and outs of the hero, it’s probably best to look for something else.

Genji did not receive any significant changes (there is a bug with his double jump, but Blizzard will most likely resolve it). The hero needs to have a good team to survive and do damage, which is not ideal when playing in Competitive play alone. If your team is not enabling you and creating momentum, you will have many problems.

Don’t forget that Genji is a hero who almost always shines when played in a Dive setup. Since most PUB players are not good at it, you will not do much, so keep that in mind.


All of these Overwatch 2 heroes mentioned in this article can work, but we found them to be a lot harder to win with. Some of them do an excellent job in specific setups, but when you compare them with other options, they are just not that good. 

With that said, we recommend using the heroes you are most comfortable with. Every single hero in Overwatch 2 is viable in the right hands.

Avoid These 6 Overwatch 2 Heroes in Season 10
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