Assurance Lethal Company: Everything You Need To Know

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Assurance Lethal Company: Everything You Need To Know

Of the 9 Maps in Lethal Company, Assurance is one of the easiest moons to navigate. Hence, here is everything you need to know about it

Lethal Company is a gone-very-viral horror co-op survival indie game created by Zeekeerss, released on October 24, 2023 which is currently in early access. It is a game set in a retrofuturistic and post-apocalyptic dystopian world where the players are hired by an anonymous corporate organization named the “Company” to explore different industrialized and abandoned moons in search of scraps to collect for sale. One such moon available in the game is Assurance, one of the easiest moons to navigate and survive on in the game as it is one of the beginning maps. Hence, keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about the moon, Assurance in Lethal Company. 

Details of Assurance in Lethal Company 

There are currently 9 maps or moons in Lethal Company and they are divided into 3 different tiers: Easy, Intermediate and Hard. There are 3 Easy moons in total and they are considered beginner maps in the game. Assurance is the third most easy one of these 3 moons in the Easy tier and here are all the details about it: 

  • Cost to Route: 0 Credits

  • Hazard Level: D

  • Scrap Value: 
    • Minimum: 104 
    • Average: 609
    • Maximum: 2720

  • Planet’s Conditions: Very similar to its twin moon, Experimentation with a lot more jagged and weathered terrain. 

Layout of Assurance in Lethal Company

Assurance Lethal Company: Everything You Need To Know
Credit: @McMessenger on Steam Community

The layout of this moon is average, as it is similar to its twin moon, Experimentation, but not too simple. The way to the main entrance is a pretty long hike away from the ship’s entrance and it can be even more lengthened when weighed down by heavy scraps. You have to traverse through a long path and climb a ladder to get to the Bunker type of facility. When carrying scraps, just throw them down the ladder and carry them to the ship in one go. However, make sure to do this before 4:00 PM because Eyeless Dogs, Earth Leviathans and Forest Keepers will show up and devour you instantly. 

Hence, here is the complete layout of the Assurance moon in Lethal Company: 

Main Entrance to the Facility (Bunker)

This is one of the main entrances that are easy to find but take a long time to get to out of all the 8 explorable maps in the game. The main entrance to the facility is opposite the main ship’s entrance on the left side, though you have to hike a long way to reach it. Not only is it a jagged path but you have to go up a ladder as well, upon which you will see the main entrance to the facility. However, something to note is that after 4:00 PM, a few monsters will spawn and hog the area below the ladder and the path to the ship, which you have to cross no matter what. 

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Fire Exit

Now, the fire exit for the Bunker type of facility in Assurance is a far way from the main entrance. Instead of going to the left side when you reach the intersection of big rocks, take a right and keep walking until you reach a ladder. Go up the ladder and you will be on top of a long pipe path. Walk to the right of the pipe pathway until you see the red Fire Exit gate and make a jump from the pipe path to the gate’s platform to get in. 

That is about all there is to the layout of this moon. However, it is advisable to leave the moon before 4:00 PM because after that it gets too dark and obscures a player’s vision quite badly. It makes it very easy to get lost and end up encountering a Forest Keeper, which means instant death, so be cautious!

Spawn Rates in Assurance

Being one of the easiest maps or moons in Lethal Company, it should be natural that Assurance is home to both completely harmless creatures and barely any scraps right? Wrong! This moon is home to quite a few dangerous creatures and huge amounts of scrap, despite having a Hazard Level of D. The barren lands with its huge rocks make it a great home for dangerous creatures, unfortunate for the Company’s employees just wanting some scrap to sell. Hence, here are all of the spawn rates for Assurance in Lethal Company: 

Scraps Spawn Rates

As mentioned before, Assurance is one of the easiest moons or maps, so obviously, it is home to the average scraps in the game. However, they are found in huge quantities which lets you accumulate a lot of Credits quite fast to meet the quota and some extra as well. Hence, here are all of the scraps spawn rates in this moon of Lethal Company:

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Item Name Chance Average Value Min Value Max Value
Large Axle 4.66% 46 36 56
V-type Engine 6.21% 38 20 56
Plastic Fish 1.55% 34 28 40
Metal Sheet 3.57% 16 10 22
Large Bolt 9.16% 26 20 32
Toy Cube 3.73% 34 24 44
Laser Pointer 1.24% 66 32 100
Bottles 8.23% 50 44 56
Remote 2.02% 34 20 48
Cookie Mold Pan 7.61% 26 12 40
Robot Toy 0.93% 72 56 88
Magnifying Glass 3.26% 52 44 60
Stop Sign 6.21% 36 20 52
Tea Kettle 4.97% 44 32 56
Jar of Pickles 3.11% 46 32 60
Coffee Mug 1.86% 46 24 68
Red Soda 1.86% 54 18 90
Steering Wheel 1.86% 24 16 32
Old Phone 1.09% 56 48 64
Hairdryer 0.62% 80 60 100
Egg Beater 5.28% 28 12 44
Hair Brush 4.04% 22 8 36
Brass Bell 4.35% 64 48 80
Clown Horn 1.55% 62 52 72
Air Horn 1.55% 62 52 72
Cash Register 0.47% 120 80 160


Creatures Spawn Rates

As mentioned before, the type of creatures that spawn on this moon should be quite harmless right? Wrong! Despite its Hazard Level of only D, Assurance is considered to be slightly more dangerous than Experimentation and Vow. Hence, here are the creatures’ spawn rates including their chance to spawn with the maximum count of spawning in Assurance in Lethal Company: 

Creature Chance Power Max count
Circuit Bees 21.39% 1 6
Manticoils 49.75% 1 16
Roaming Locusts 28.86% 1 5
Earth Leviathan 48.97% 2 3
Eyeless Dog 40.21% 2 8
Forest Keeper 0.52% 3 3
Baboon Hawk 10.31% 1 15
Snare Flea 28.97% 1 4
Bunker Spider 21.50% 3 1
Hoarding Bug 24.30% 1 8
Bracken 4.36% 3 1
Thumper 7.47% 3 4
Hygrodere 8.72% 1 2
Ghost Girl 0.31% 2 1
Spore Lizards 4.36% 1 2



Needless to say, Assurance is one of the moons with a 50/50 chance of surviving on it, despite its Hazard Level of D. It is a great map for a beginner player to practice on, but the creatures that spawn on there are very dangerous. However, it is quite worth it to go to this moon in Lethal Company because the scraps are average in value and huge in quantity. Hence, make sure to read up on all the information given above about the moon and stay tuned for more such Lethal Company content in the future.

Assurance Lethal Company: Everything You Need To Know
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