All Armored Core 6 Hidden Parts Locations Revealed

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All Armored Core 6 Hidden Parts Locations Revealed

Wondering how to find all Armored Core 6 Hidden Parts? Don't worry we'll tell you where and how to find all of them.

There is a plethora of hidden parts in Armored Core 6‘s various missions. The game might not tell you outright but some missions reward exploration with special parts for your mech that you can't find anywhere else.

We here at ESTNN have played through Armored Core 6 and compiled a list of all the hidden parts we've found so far.

Armored Core 6 Hidden Parts

Mission 12 “Infiltrate Grid 086”

There is a total of 4 parts hidden throughout Mission 12.

HC-3000: Wrecker Head: You can find the WRECKER Head once you get the “Reach center of Grid 086's lower level” objective. Jump down a blown-up hole where you'll encounter two mechs. Head to the corner in the back to find the container.

CC-3000: Wrecker Head: You'll find this part behind the room with a big smelter. Head on past it and you'll find the container in the next room.

AC-3000: Wrecker Arms: In front of the furnace you'll find a pipe which you can enter. Just follow the path until you find the container.

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2C-3000: Wrecker Legs: The last part can be found right before you get attacked by the enemy MT squad. Here you'll need to climb up high until you find a couple of train tacks which you have to follow to obtain the Wrecker Legs.

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Mission 18 “Tunnel Sabotage

IA-C01W1: NEBULA Plasma Rifle: Go to the long tunnel until you receive the message about a PCA squad. Now go up to the highest pipe, there you'll find a room with with enemies ready to jump you. Scale the platforms and watch out for the sniper mech lurking there. Jump up another platform in the corner to claim your reward.

Mission 19 “Survey the Uninhabited Floating City”

IA-C01G: AORTA Generator: This can be found on top of a building near the second objective.

Mission 24 “Eliminate ‘Honest' Brute”

WB-0010: DOUBLE TROUBLE Chainsaw: Once you reach the third waypoint, look northwest of your position and fly down to the leftmost platform. The container can be found between the red laser traps.

BC-0600: 12345 Booster: From the previous chest drop down to the turntable platform, then turn in the opposite direction to the new objective to find the container at the edge of the platform.

WB-0000: BAD COOK Flamethrower: Once you get past the part with the dome shields you have to jump down the structure into a room full of red lasers. You'll find the container opposite where you do the second drop.

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Mission 28 “Underground Exploration – Depth 1”

IA-C01L EPHEMERA Legs: To reach, you have to drop down the shaft and after the shutters close, you'll have to look for an access point. Before interacting with it, turn around and enter the room behind you to find the container.

Mission 29 “Underground Exploration – Depth 2”

IA-C01B: GILLS Booster: After defeating the G5 Iguazu boss you have to head inside the long tunnel. Don't get distracted by being shot at, just keep hugging the right side until you find a small room with two enemies inside. Here you'll also find the container.

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Mission 34 “Reach the Coral Convergence”

IA-CO1W2: MOONLIGHT Blade Arm Weapon: Once you start the mission, fly to the northwest section of the highway. Keep going until the road breaks off and you can see a bridge to your right. Once you jump down into the arena, you'll face off against a squad of tank-type Armored Cores. You'll find this game's version of the Moonlight Greatsword here.

That sums up how to find all the hidden parts in Armored Core 6. You can find even more parts either through the optional side objectives or New Game+.

We have more on Armored Core 6 still to come so stay tuned. While you're here check out our Guide to PVP and everything you need to know about building your mech here.

All Armored Core 6 Hidden Parts Locations Revealed
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