Armored Core 6 Builds – Everything You Need To Know

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Armored Core 6 Builds – Everything You Need To Know

Learn everything there is to know about Armored Core 6 Builds and then some.

Armored Core 6 is great, the ability to handcraft a mech suiting your every need while still being able to completely annihilate other mechs is something to behold. But just like FromSoftware's other titles, its various stats and mechanics are cloaked in mystery.

We've compiled a quick and easy reference sheet/guide to Armored Core 6's Assembly System. Now you can still randomly puzzle together the mech of your dreams, but at least you'll know what all the numbers mean.

Armored Core 6 Damage Types Explained

Armored Core 6 Damage Types

First and foremost, we need to understand the different damage Types of Armored Core 6. There are currently 3 in the game, spread across multiple weapons of different types, ranges, and other factors. The types are:

Kinetic Damage: This refers to any weapon that shoots normal bullets at various speeds. Usually Identified by a little bullet symbol next to the Part Specs. These usually shoot fast and deal a lot of damage to a staggered enemy at the cost of lower ammunition and higher ammunition costs.

Energy Damage: Weapons that deal with Energy Damage are between the two other kinds. They deal a lot of damage but have a slower firing rate. Most of them can also be charged up to deal extra damage with minimal extra cost in ammunition. These are identified by the Laser icon next to the Part Specs.

Energy Damage also comes in three different types. Laser which simply shoots straight, Plasma which deals a small damage to everything it touches after impact and Pulse which has a high firing rate that can build up stagger really quickly.

Explosive Damage: Explosive Damage is usually handled by your Rocket-, Missle, Granade, and Napalm. These two massive damage at the cost of a slow firing rate, high cost of ammunition and long reload times. Very good in close quarters if you can nail those shots but you need to perfect their timings.

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Armored Core 6 Weight and Load Explained

Armored Core 6 Weight and Load

Just like in other FromSoftware titles, weight and equipment load play a huge role in the way you move around in missions. Generally, the type of Legs, Arms, and Generator you chose determines the amount of weight your Armored Core can carry.

The lighter your AC is, the faster it can move and change directions quickly. You want to pick something you're comfortable with, but some missions will require you to change things up. Either choose a light build for quick movement and a lot of EN to move with or choose a heavier build for a slow but indestructible fortress.

The type of legs you choose will, just like in real life determine the way you move around. There are your standard legs in light and medium formats that offer speed and a weight advantage at the cost of AP. Double-jointed legs allow you to jump higher, four legs allow you to float and be extremely mobile. the tank is slow but doesn't have to deal with recoil and comes with a huge AP advantage.

Armored Core 6 EN Load and EN Explained

Armored Core 6 EN Load and EN

The EN of your Armored Core determines the maximum amount of weapons your AC can use as well as the EN/Stamina it has available for Boosts of various kinds. The more EN you have, the more powerful weapons you can support.

The difference between your current maximum EN Load and what your equipment takes up of it will determine how quickly your EN will recharge and how long the Delay is.

Your EN Load is determined by the Generator you use. These come in different types, shapes, and forms. Either they can carry a huge EN Load but don't give you a lot of EN to work with while dodging or the other way around.

Armored Core 6 FCS Explained

Armored Core 6 FCS

The FCS (Fire Control System) is one of the least explained but also most important aspects of Armored Core 6. It doesn't matter if you use the soft lock-on or not, this is what actually determines if you're gonna hit your enemy or not.

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Your FCS and its values dictate how fast your AC can hone in on a target at different ranges. Like all the other parts in Armored Core 6, they come in different shapes, forms, and flavors depending on your needs. Do keep in mind that even if those numbers look small, a value difference of 20 can make a huge difference at a certain range.

An Armored Core 6 Build Guide

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Now that we know what all the numbers mean, it's time to give some general advice on how to put together a mech that will put all others to shame.

First and foremost, you need to understand that no part of Armored Core 6 is objectively better than another. Outside of the Head, Arms, and Core of your build which are mostly there to mini-max between builds and go specific stat boosts. Everything else has its strengths and weaknesses and often the range and speed at which you plan to fight will make all the difference.

Armored Core 6 asks you to constantly rethink your strategy. Some builds will struggle against certain bosses and missions, others will bulldoze through them without any problem. We do however recommend experimenting with different legs and weight classes to find the one you're comfortable with.

From there on, you can create a base build or several (which you should save) and switch their weapons/FCS and parts depending on the mission you're on. Don't be afraid to go into a mission, get stomped, and go back to the lab and tinker with your mech. That's all part of the process and the main appeal of Armored Core 6.

Just keep in mind that there is no one-fits-all build. And if ZeroLenny can build the entire game by just punching everything the build you just came up with is probably more suitable to get you through the entire game. And remember, losing is fun.

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Armored Core 6 Builds – Everything You Need To Know
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