Armored Core 6 Combat Tips – Get In the Robot 621

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Armored Core 6 Combat Tips – Get In the Robot 621

Are you in dire need of Armored Core 6 Combat Tips? Here is everything you get you started and then some.

Armored Core 6 is a great game through and through. FromSoftware somehow managed to successfully bring their classic mech-combat series into the modern age and it feels like nothing has changed on a surface level. The new release is about as far as you can get from traditional Armored Core while still staying true to tried and true design philosophy.

Many of the old tricks like bunny hopping just don't apply anymore and given the speed of Armored Core 6, even veterans have a lot to learn and adjust to stay on top of their game. So we've collected some tips and tricks for combat after spending 30 or so hours with the game.

Armored Core 6 Combat Tips and Tricks

Combat in AC6 is fast, omnidirectional, and merciless. If you have any experience with FromSoftware's other titles, throw that out the window because knowing how to roll through spells and swords won't help you here. If you get hit, clipped or anything else, you take damage.

One of the reasons why many players struggle with the Balteus Boss fight is that they're still trying to play Dark Souls. In Armored Core, you don't have and shouldn't just learn a boss' patterns. Just learn how to avoid damage in general, what to look out for, and how to be aggressive.

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Be Aggressive

This leads us to tip number 1 in Armored Core 6. A sitting AC is a dead AC. Most enemies in Armored Core can't deal with you being close up and personal with them. The tried and true method of sticking close and circling them still works to a degree. If you need to close a gap, use the Assault Boost, which you can also dodge by flicking the stick or using your dodge button.

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A similar thing goes for using your weapons. While being resourceful is normally a good idea, you always want to be don't he offensive. If you can land a shot, land it. Use your rockets and charge up any chargeable weapons you have. You have four shoulder buttons and Armored Core 6 expects you to use all of them all the time.

Move, A lot

At the core of Armored Core is movement. Up and down, left and right. You need to learn how to move where you wanna move without putting much thought into it. This might sound easy, but knowing exactly how long your short boost is and how fast it'll move you makes all the difference.

You want to move all the time, the only time you want to stand still is when shooting a charged weapon, and even after that you want to boost as quickly as possible.

When surrounded, you always want to move and dash the moment you see something hurling towards you. Especially when there are multiple enemies, you want to get space and some kind of geometry between you and them.

In 1-on-1 situations, you want to keep locked on and strafe around your opponent. Don't just drift to one side, many weapons are a lot more effective if you hit them from above and you want to mess up and waste their charges by quickly changing directions.

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Armored Core 6 Tips and Tricks

Master Your Weapon Ranges

Most of Armored Core 6's gameplay lies in the way you handle your weapons. Sure, the way you kit up and kit out your Armored Core is important. But you'll get the most mileage out of the way you set up your weapons.

If you have trouble with an encounter, don't change your mech's parts. It's more important to get used to the speed and movement of your mech and changing that significantly will mess you up.

Try focusing on the different ranges your weapons cover. Rifes are great in the middle distance. Most chargeable guns excel at the long range and canons, shotguns, and energy swords are great at close range.

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Switch Between Manual Aim and Lock-on

In the lead-up to Armored Core 6's release, there was a big debate about if the lock-on feature would ruin the game or not. But now that the game is out in the wild, we know that it exists to compensate for the game's high speed.

That doesn't mean you should stay locked on at all times. When dodging bigger attacks it is easier to switch to manual aim and just dash away in a straight line instead of getting hit while starving backward. There is something similar to a soft lock-on in place and weapons will aim on their own, the speed of which depends on your Aiming Chip.

And that wraps up our tips for Armored Core 6's combat, we have more general advice over here and we'll have more all around FromSoftware's latest title very soon here on ESTNN

Armored Core 6 Combat Tips – Get In the Robot 621
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