Apex Legends Halloween 2022 Leaks – Olympus After Dark

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Apex Legends Halloween 2022 Leaks – Olympus After Dark

Apex Legends’ fourteenth season is in full swing, but fans are already looking toward the next big event. The Apex Legends Halloween 2022 leaks have begun to drip out. We’ve got a look at how the event will look when it launches in September.

The Apex Legends Halloween 2022 event will have a whole host of holiday-themed skins. Alongside a map update. With the leaks that have come out so far, we have a decent look at what’s coming next. The Halloween update brings typically some of the most creative skins. With a new map, too, it looks like a decent-sized event will be held with this.

These are all of the Apex Legends Halloween 2022 leaks so far and what you can expect from the next big thing in the game:

Apex Legends Halloween 2022 Leaks 

Olympus After Dark Apex Legends Halloween 2022 Leaks

Apex Legends Halloween 2022 Leaks

A new map has been leaked for the Apex Legends Halloween 2022 update. The Olympus After Dark map. This is a safe bet for the next round of content coming into the game for the holiday. It’s going to be a design for the Olympus map.

The update is going to have some LTMs too. Currently, leakers think this will include the popular Gun Run Limited Time Mode. This might be the game mode that will be making use of the new after-dark map.

These leaks were found by AG420. They’ve been shown off in more detail since by HYPERMYST. Having two of the biggest dataminers and leakers gives it a bit of credibility that this might be showing up. Although, it seems the map will be centered around Hammond Labs for Control games rather than a full map. It isn’t too strange that it isn’t hitting the full rotation this close to the end of the season. A Halloween-specific map for a different mode is an excellent way of pushing players to play everything Apex has to offer.

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Leaked Concept Art

Apex Legends Halloween 2022 Leaks - Map concept art
Image from KralRindo

Prior to these leaks, we’d already gotten a look at a Halloween version of the full Olympus map. Olympus isn’t around with Season 14. We can expect it to return to rotation with the next season. A brief comeback for this season of the game will be a nice change of pace for Halloween.

The new map seems to put the old locale into a more autumnal setting. It’s gotten overgrown. It’s looking a lot darker, with an orange glow illuminating the map.

Leaked Map Teaser

A teaser for a new map is the latest of the Apex Legends leaks. Things are definitely look fresh in the new map. We’ve only seen a teaser so far, but it’s a pretty interesting change-up for the game.


This one does look unrelated to the Apex Legends Halloween 2022 leaks so far. It could change, though. This might be a stealth Halloween map, or it could be coming with another update like the season after Halloween.

Apex Legends Halloween 2022 Leaks – Skins

Alongside the leak for the new map, we’ve got a good look at some of the newer skins. These have come straight from the files with dataminers discovering them over the last few updates. There are quite a few already.

These skins were found by a pretty reliable leaker. They have managed to predict things coming pretty well in the past. They’re one of the most reliable dataminers. We have a good idea of quite a few skins coming to the game.

We don’t know about every one of the skins. With the Apex Legends Halloween 2022 leaks though, we have a good idea of a few of them. They’re going to be demon themed. Quite a few different Legends are getting new looks. These are all of them so far: 

Inner Demon Ash


This first skin is for Ash. It gives them a demonic face along with a new outfit. This is a pretty unique style of skin for the character.

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Bladed Wanderer Seer

Apex Legends Halloween 2022 Leaks

Seer is one of the better characters on the Apex Legends tier list. This one makes it into a demonic-styled version just like the others.

Monster Revenant Skin


This one doesn’t have a name in the files just yet. However, it does look pretty likely that this will be a new Halloween skin for Revenant. He looks like an amalgamation of monsters with some clear werewolf characteristics. This one is a bit different from the others in the Apex Legends Halloween 2022 leaks.  They might not all be demons.

All of the cosmetics are likely to be bought in the store. If you like the Halloween styles for characters, you might want to save your credits from the Battle Pass!

The leaked cosmetics give us a few hints for what’s going to be coming as part of the Halloween event. We can probably expect to see some more skins around this time. 3 isn’t really a full shop. Even more of the Legends will likely have a Halloween-themed skin alongside these ones.

When Does the Event Start?

We don’t have any official confirmation of the event just yet! However, we can make some assumptions based on what we’ve seen so far. In the past, that’s October 12. Usually, it runs for a few weeks, so a mid-October start would probably be the safest bet.

Based on previous Halloween events this is the most likely launch date. Although, it might be different. The Halloween event is going to be going on through October. With a new season due to start in November, this will be the last big part of Season 14. Once it’s over, fans will have a brand-new season’s worth of content to look forward to.

Those are all of the major Apex Legends Halloween 2022 leaks. We’ll find out more about the new skins and updates as we get closer to the release of the event. This is a tantalizing look at what’s coming up soon.

Apex Legends Halloween 2022 Leaks – Olympus After Dark
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