All TFT Set 8 Hero Augments: Complete List

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All TFT Set 8 Hero Augments: Complete List

Here’s the full list of all TFT Set 8 Hero Augments introduced in the massive Set update.

TFT’s newest set introduced a total of 59 champions. Every TFT champion has two specific augments exclusively tailored for them. From the two Augments, one is designed be the “carry” Augment to help the unit become a carrier, while the other, is meant to perform as a ‘support’ Augment. There are a total of 118 Hero Augments available in-game as of yet. Hero Augments are an integral mechanic of the newest set, titled Monsters Attack! This article covers every Hero Augment for each champion available in-game from data gathered from Set 8’s PBE release.

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All TFT Set 8 Hero Augments: One Cost Champion Augments

Ashe (Laser Corps, Recon)
Laser Focus: Player gains an Ashe. Ashe gains 30 percent attack speed that gets doubled while her ability is active.
Corps Focus: Player gains an Ashe. Upon fielding Ashe, the team gains 15 percent attack speed which is doubled when her ability is active.

Blitzcrank (A.D.M.I.N, Brawler)
Dynamic Defenses: Player gains a Gargoyle Stoneplate and a Blitzcrank. Once Blitzcrank casts his ability, its duration increases by two seconds per enemy targeting him.
Rocket Grab: Player gains a Blitzcrank. When combat begins, Blitzcrank pulls the farthest enemy and stuns them for 1.5 seconds.

Galio (Civilian, Mascot)
Justice Punch: Player gains a Galio. His ability knocks up its target for 1.5 seconds and deals 50% more damage.
Safety First: Player gains a Galio. When you put Galio on your board, your team gains 20 armor and magic resistance, doubling for a total of four seconds after being shielded.

Gangplank (Duelist, Supers)
Flaming Ricochet: Player gains a Gangplank. Gangplank’s ability now attacks a second target, dealing 60 percent damage.
Get Paid: Player gains a Gangplank. Upon putting Gangplank on your board, your team has a 25 percent chance to gain two gold on kill.

Kayle (Duelist, Underground)
Divine Ascent: Player gains a Kayle. Kayle gains bonus attack speed, attack range, and damage at each star level.
Righteous Range: Player gains a Kayle. Kayle and her two nearest allies gain increased attack range and 25 percent attack speed.

Lulu (Gadgeteen, Heart)
Growth Spurt: Player gains a Lulu. Whenever Lulu casts her ability, she gains 125 bonus
health and 20 ability power. Both stats can stack.
Foster Growth: Player gains a Lulu. If Lulu’s on the board, she and her allies gain 35 ability power when equipped with an item.

Lux (Spellslinger, Star Guardian)
Illuminating Singularity: Player gains a Lux. Lux’s ability deals 180 percent increased damage every second.
Lucent Barrier: Player gains a Lux. When combat begins, Lux proceeds to grant her two nearest allies a 40-health shield and 20-ability power.

Nasus (Amina Squad, Mascot)
Stacks on Stacks: Player gains a Nasus. Nasus gets a 10% attack damage boost, increased by two percent permanently each time he casts his ability.
Soul Eater: Player gains a Nasus. When Nasus is on the board, he and his allies heal 200 health upon takedowns.

Poppy (Defender, Gadgeteen)
Bigger, Better Buckler: Player gains a Poppy. Poppy gets 200 armor.
Steadfast Presence: Player gains a Poppy. Upon beginning combat, Poppy proceeds to grant all allies a 325 health shield. If you have more than one Poppy, this will apply to the strongest Poppy.

Sylas (Anima Squad, Renegade)
Kingslayer: Player gains a Sylas. Sylas’ ability deals 40% more damage. Meanwhile, his ability also restores 20% of his missing health.
Petricite Chains: Player gains a Sylas. When you place Sylas on your board, your team gains 15 starting mana. Casting his ability also increases enemies’ maximum mana by 35%.

Talon (Ox Force, Renegade)
Edgelord: Player gains a Talon. Talon gets 40 ability power. Then, Talon restores 40 mana after killing an enemy.
OX-ian Rage: Player gains a Talon. When Talon is on your board, your team gains 10% attack damage and 15 ability power. These bonus stats are tripled when Talon falls below 50% health.

Wukong (Defender, Mecha: Prime)
Cyclone: Player gains a Wukong. Wukong gets 60 ability power and his ability range increases by one Hex.
Re-Energize: Player gains a Wukong. When Wukong is on your board, your team restores 60% of their mana after their first cast each combat.

All TFT Set 8 Hero Augments: Two Cost Champion Augments

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Annie (Gadgeteen, Ox Force, Spellslinger)
Reflector Shield: Player gains an Annie. When Annie’s shield is active, attacking enemies take 150 magic damage. This happens once every 0.5 seconds.
Burning Spirit: Player gains an Annie. With Annie on the board, your team gains 12 ability power. That stat is tripled while units are below 50% health. 

Camille (A.D.M.I.N, Renegade)
Adaptive Defensives: Player gains a Camille. Camille has 30% bonus attack damage. The first time she drops below 50% health, she gains a shield equal to 600% of her attack damage.
Hextech Retribution: Player gains a Camille. Once Camille is on your board, your team gains 15% bonus damage. This increases by an additional 5% whenever an ally dies. 

Draven (Ace, Mecha: PRIME)
League of Draven: Player gains a Draven. Draven gains 25% bonus attack damage. When he gets a takedown, there is a 40% chance to gain one gold.
Ruthless Blades (Support): Player gains a Draven. With a Draven on your board, your team gains a 55% critical strike chance. 

Ezreal (Recon, Underground)
Rising Spell Force: Player gains an Ezreal. When Ezreal casts his ability, he gains 30% attack speed and 30 ability power for the rest of combat. These stats can and will stack.
Raider’s Spoils: Player gains an Ezreal. Upon beginning combat, Ezreal proceeds to grant his nearest ally a temporary Artifact for the rest of combat (think sort of like Gadgeteen items) and gains one gold. If you have multiple Ezreals, this will apply to the strongest Ezreal.

Fiora (Duelist, Ox Force)
Frontline Fencing: Player gains a Fiora. When Fiora’s ability is active, she gets 120 armor and magic resistance.
Vitality of the Ox (Support): Player gains a Fiora. Your team heals 2% of their maximum health when they attack if a Fiora is on the board.

Jinx (Anima Squad, Prankster)
Get Excited!: Player gains a Jinx. When Jinx scores a takedown, she gets 110% attack speed and movement speed for five seconds.
Everyone Goes Boom: Player gains a Jinx. With a Jinx on your board, your team gains 10% attack speed. This is tripled after the first enemy dies in a round. 

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Lee Sin (Brawler, Heart, Supers)
Flurry: Player gains a Lee Sin. Lee Sin gets 50% attack speed. After his spell ends, this stat is tripled for five seconds.
Invigorate: Player gains a Lee Sin. Your team gains 15% attack speed whenever Lee Sin is on the board. This stat boost is doubled for a total of four seconds after being shielded. 

Malphite (Mascot, Supers)
Rock Solid: Player gains a Malphite. Malphite gets bonus ability power equal to 60% of his armor. Meanwhile, his ability’s armor duration is increased by four seconds.
Guardian Spirit: Player gains a Malphite. Upon fielding Malphite, your team restores 20% of their missing health whenever Maphite casts his ability.

Rell (Defender, Star Guardian)
Hold the Line: Player gains a Rell. Rell gets a bonus of 50 ability power and a 30% damage reduction.
Channeled Ferromancy: Player gains a Rell. When Rell is on your board, your team gets 20 bonus armor and magic resistance. Each ally gains an additional five armor and magic resistance whenever they cast their ability. This can stack. 

Renekton (Brawler, Laser Corps)
Reign of Anger: Player gains a Renekton. Renekton gains 50% attack speed. He also gets an additional 2% attack speed per 100 missing health.
Cull the Meek: Player gains a Renekton. Upon fielding Renekton, your team deals 10% bonus damage. When enemies are below 50% health, that damage is tripled.

Sivir (Civilian, Sureshot)
Delivery Tips: Player gains a Sivir. For every second ability cast, Sivir gains one gold with a 5% chance to gain one additional gold.
Endless Pizza (Support): Player gains a Sivir. With a Sivir in your board, your team heals 15% of their missing health every five seconds. 

Vi (Brawler, Underground)
Unrelenting Force: Player gains a Vi. When Vi takes damage, she gains 3% attack damage, three ability power, two armor, and two magic resistance. This boost can stack up to 25 times.
Boxing Lessons: Player gains a Vi. Your team gains 250 bonus health if Vi is on your board.

Yasuo (Duelist, Laser Corps)
Siphoning Winds: Player gains a Yasuo. Yasuo gains 40% Omnivamp.
Spirit of the Exile: Player gains a Yasuo. When Yasuo is on the board, allies who start combat with no adjacent units gain 25% attack speed. 

Yuumi (Heart, Mascot, Star Guardians)

Predatory Precision: Player gains a Yuumi. In combat, Yuumi gains 50 ability power, a 75% critical strike chance, and her ability can now critically strike.
Zoomies!: Player gains a Yuumi. Yuumi proceeds to grant your entire team 18% attack speed. However, if you have a Nunu, he gets a bonus 50% movement speed.

All TFT Set 8 Hero Augments: Three Cost Champion Augments

Alistar (Aegis, Mascot, Ox Force)
Behemoth: Player gains an Alistar. Alistar gets a 500 health boost and his ability deals bonus damage. This bonus damage is equal to 30% of his maximum health.
Smash!: Player gains an Alistar. Alistar’s ability now hits all his enemies within one Hex and restores 10 mana per second.

Cho’Gath (Threat)
Energy Void. Player gains a Cho’Gath. Each time Cho’Gath’s ability hits an enemy, he steals 35 percent of their magic resistance.
Cosmic Barrier: Player gains a Cho’Gath. When Cho’Gath is on your board, your team gains 50 magic resistance. This stat boost is doubled for Cho’Gath. 

Jax (Brawler, Mecha: PRIME)
Relentless Assault: Player gains a Jax. After every third attack, Jax gains 12% attack speed for the rest of the combat round. This attack speed can stack.
Evasion: Player gains a Jax. Your team gains 100% dodge chance for two seconds with Jax on the field. However, this only happens the first time they fall below 50% health each combat. 

Kai’Sa (Recon, Star Guardians)
Multi-Shot: Player gains a Kai’Sa. Every two attacks, Kai’Sa fires a bonus attack at a nearby opponent.
Star-Crossed: Player gains a Kai’Sa. Kai’Sa gifts 100% of her ability’s attack speed bonus to her nearest ally. 

LeBlanc (A.D.M.I.N, Hacker, Spellslinger)
Aim Assist: Player gains a LeBlanc. During combat, she fires a bonus sigil at the lowest health after she fires three of her ability’s sigils.
Mirror Image: Player gains a LeBlanc. Upon beginning combat, LeBlanc constructs a 70% health, item-less clone of her nearest ally.

Nilah (Duelist, Star Guardians)
Gifted: Player gains a Nilah. Nilah gains 50 ability power. Upon beginning combat, Nilah proceeds to grant her nearest ally a temporary copy of one of her normal items. This only applies to your strongest Nilah.
Jubilant Veil: Player gains a Nilah. Nilah and her two nearest allies gain crowd control immunity for the first 20 seconds of combat.

Rammus (Threat)
Spiked Shell: Player gains a Rammus. When attacked by an enemy attack, Rammus deals magic damage equal to 100% of his armor to all nearby enemies. This can only happen once every two seconds.
Armored-dillo: Player gains a Rammus. Upon fielding Rammus, your team gains 40 armor. This stat boost is doubled for Rammus.

Riven (Anima Squad, Brawler, Defender)
Reverberation: Player gains a Riven. Riven gains 40 ability power. Meanwhile, her ability is additionally cast on her lowest health ally.
Triumphant Return: Player gains a Riven. Upon beginning combat, Riven proceeds to grant herself and adjacent allies a shield for 15 seconds. This shield is equal to 40% of the ally’s maximum health. 

Senna (Laser Corps, SureShot)
Absolution: Player gains a Senna. Senna gains 30% attack speed. Then, she gains an additional 10% attack speed every five seconds.
Corps Formation: Player gains a Senna. Upon beginning combat, Senna proceeds to grant herself and all adjacent allies 30% attack damage. 

Sona (Heart, Spellslinger, Underground)
Power Grid: Player gains a Sona. Sona gets 30 ability power. Also, her ability fires one additional beam.
Undercurrent: Player gains a Sona. Upon beginning combat, Sona proceeds to grant her two nearest allies 50 mana. This only applies to your strongest Sona.

Vayne (Anima Squad, Duelist, Recon)
Spread Shot: Player gains a Vayne. Vayne’s ability fires two additional shots at nearby enemies, dealing 50% damage.
Into the Night: Player gains and Edge of Night and a Vayne. When Vayne is on your board, allies equipped with Edge of Night gain 40% attack speed. 

Vel’Koz (Threat)
Frostburn: Player gains a Vel’Koz. Vel’Koz’s ability deals an additional 200% of its damage over 30 seconds. This can stack.
Frozen Tundra: Player gains a Vel’Koz. Upon beginning combat, Vel’Koz slows the attack speed of all enemies by 30%. This lasts for six seconds.

Zoe (Gadgeteen, Hacker, Prankster)
Double Bubble: Player gains a Zoe. Zoe’s ability now launches a second bubble. It will fire at a different target and deal 100% damage.
Sleepy Time: Player gains a Zoe. Upon beginning combat, Zoe puts the three lowest health enemies to sleep, stunning them for four seconds. 


All TFT Set 8 Hero Augments – Four Cost Champion Augments

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Aurelion Sol (Threat)
Extinction Event: Player gains an Aurelion Sol. Aurelion Sol’s ability meteors become larger and he gains 20 ability power.
Velocity Impact: Player gains an Aurelion Sol. His ability now stuns hit enemies for two seconds. 

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Bel’Veth (Threat)
Back for Blood: Player gains a Bel’Veth. Bel’Veth gains 20% Omnivamp. This boosted stat is tripled while she’s under 50% health.
Voidmother: Player gains a Bel’Veth. Upon beginning combat, Bel’Veth creates two Voidspawns in front of her, both with 75% of their normal health. This only applies to your strongest Bel’Veth.

Ekko (Aegis, Prankster, Star Guardians)
Resonance: Player gains an Ekko. Ekko’s special ability hits all enemies within two Hexes of him and deals additional damage equal to 200% of his magic resistance.
Chronobreak: Player gains an Ekko. When Ekko is on your board, he stuns all enemies for three seconds. This happens after 10 seconds of combat. 

Miss Fortune (Ace, Anima Squad)
Bunny Mercenary: Player gains a Miss Fortune. Miss Fortune’s ability covers a wider cone. While she’s channeling her ability, she gains a 300 health shield.  

Make it Rain: Player gains a Miss Fortune. After every three rounds of combat with Miss Fortune on the battlefield, she proceeds to grant 18 gold. 

Samira (Ace, SureShot, Underground)
Style and Flair: Player gains a Samira. Samira gets 25% bonus attack damage. When she scores a takedown, Samira restores 50% of her max mana.
Daredevil: Player gains a Samira. For every 10 Tactician health missing from your health pool, Samira proceeds to grant your team 5% attack speed. 

Sejuani (Brawler, Laser Corps)
Glacial Prison: Player gains a Sejuani. Sejuani gets 25 bonus armor and magic resistance. Also, her ability now hits the entire board.
Shatter: Player gains a Sejuani. Sejuani’s ability stuns for one second longer. While stunned, enemies take 20% more damage.

Sett (Defender, Mecha: PRIME)
Punch Protocol: Player gains a Sett. Sett gains 20 armor and magic resistance. Sett’s ability knocks back all enemies near him. This ability now destroys a unit if Sett pushes them to the edge of the board and knocks them off the battlefield.
Regenerative Shields: Player gains a Locket of Solari and a Sett. After all shields on Sett’s team break, he recharges them at 40% strength for three seconds. 

Soraka (A.D.M.I.N, Heart)
Upgrade Berserk: Player gains a Soraka. All of Soraka’s ability casts are empowered after 15 seconds of combat.
Infuse: Player gains a Soraka. Soraka proceeds to grant your team 20 mana every five seconds.

Taliyah (Star Guardians, Spellslinger)
Stoneweaver: Player gains a Taliyah. Taliyah gets a bonus 30 ability power. Her ability now deals 40% more damage to enemies above 1,800 max health.
Be the Stone: Player gains a Taliyah. Upon beginning combat, Taliyah shields the three highest health allies for 60% of their max health.

Viego (Ox Force, Renegade)
Heartstopper: Player gains a Viego. Viego gains 30 ability power. Meanwhile, his ability deals up to 50% increased damage based on the enemy’s missing health.
Partners in Crime: Player gains a Viego. When Viego is on your board, your team gains 20% Omnivamp. This stat boost is tripled when two or less allies remain alive. 

Zac (Threat)
Supersize: Player gains a Zac. Once during each round, Zac gains 1,000 bonus health and is immune to crowd control. Does not stack.
Elastic Slingshot: Player gains a Zac. Upon beginning combat, Zac flings his two nearest allies to the enemy backline. This action knocks up enemies for three seconds upon impact.

Zed (Duelist, Hacker, Laser Corps)
Shadow Jutsu: Player gains a Zed. Zed gains 12% bonus attack damage. When he kills an enemy, Zed steals 12% of their attack damage for the rest of combat.
Contempt for the Weak (Support): Player gains a Zed. With Zed on your board, your team gains 12% attack speed. When Zed scores a takedown, he dashes to a new target and triples this attack speed bonus for 2.5 seconds. 

All TFT Set 8 Hero Augments – Five Cost Champion Augments

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Aphelios (Arsenal, Ox Force, SureShot)
Armor Piercing Rounds: Player gains an Aphelios. Aphelios’ attacks reduce the target’s armor by 10% for the rest of combat. This attack buff can stack.
Locked and Loaded: Player gains an Aphelios. When you put Aphelios on your board, your team gains 15% attack damage. Your team gains an additional 5% attack damage every five seconds. 

Fiddlesticks (Corrupted, Threat)
Traumatic Memories: Player gains a Fiddlesticks. Fiddlesticks gains 200 bonus health for the rest of combat every time an ally dies.
Absolute Corruption (Support): Player gains a Fiddlesticks. Upon beginning combat, Fiddlesticks proceeds to grant his nearest ally 30 ability power. This Augment also allows the ally to share Fiddlesticks’ Corrupted souls. 

Janna (Civilian, Forecaster)
Rapid Reporting: Player gains a Janna. Janna’s ability restores 15 mana per each enemy it hits.
Exaggerated Reporting: Player gains a Janna. All Forecaster’s effects are boosted by 100%. 

Leona (Aegis, Mecha: PRIME, Renegade)
Perfected Solar Flare: Player gains a Leona. Leona gains 30 ability power. However, her maximum mana is reduced by 20.
Eclipse Prime: Player gains a Leona. Once Leona is on your board, all incoming damage to your team is reduced by 20. 

Mordekaiser (Ace, Laser Corps)
Not so Heavy Metal: Player gains a Mordekaiser. Every five seconds, Mordekaiser gains 20 ability power.
Obliterate: Player gains a Mordekainser. Mordekaiser proceeds to reduce enemy armor and magic resistance by 20% Upon beginning combat.

Nunu & Willump (Gadgeteen, Mascot)
Contagious Laughter: Player gains a Nunu. Nunu gets a stat boost of 30 ability power. Nunu also restores 10 mana per second.
They See Me Rolling: Player gains a Nunu. Upon fielding Nunu, your team gains 20 ability power. Then, your team gains an additional five ability power every five seconds.

Syndra (Heart, Star Guardians)
Power Overwhelming: Player gains a Syndra. Allies summoned by Syndra’s ability gain 60% attack damage, 60 ability power, 60 armor, and 60 magic resistance.
Empowered Reserves (Support): Player gains a Syndra. Your team gains five ability power per unit on your bench whenever Syndra is fielded on your board.

Urgot (Threat)
Shiny: Player gains an Urgot: Urgot’s ability has an additional 25% chance to dredge up treasure.
Rising Tide (Support): Player gains an Urgot. Urgot proceeds to grant himself and adjacent allies 25 ability power and 15% attack speed Upon beginning combat.

When Does TFT Set 8 Release?

TFT Set 8, titled Monsters Attack is slated to hit live servers across all regions Tuesday, December 6, 2022. Fans can check out the official final PBE notes on Riot Designer Stephen ‘Mortdog’s’ twitter handle by clicking here.

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