All Remnant 2 Classes & Archetypes Explained

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All Remnant 2 Classes & Archetypes Explained

In a game like Remnant 2, it is very important to be aware of all the classes available in the game, in order to choose the one that best suits your way of playing. For this reason, in this article, we wanted to bring together the main information regarding the four Remnant 2 classes or archetypes (Gunslinger, Handler, Challenger, and Medic) in one place, so that you have a complete overview of each of them and are able to make your evaluations to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Remnant 2 Gunslinger

An archetype that works well in video game settings where guns are the main focus is the Gunslinger. It is a character archetype designed especially for players that are skilled with firearms and ammunition management. Therefore, as you might have guessed, the primary function of this type of class is to deal damage to enemies. Additionally, the talents of this class have been created to maximize Damage Per Second, enabling you to engage in battles when switching between weapons and reloading are both incredibly quick.

The Remnant 2 Gunslinger has different perks and abilities that will come in handy while facing formidable enemies and bosses. This Remnant 2 archetype is the perfect choice for all players who love unbridled action and who use a style of play that is mainly based on shooting.

remnant 2 the gunslinger

Remnant 2 Handler

The Handler and their faithful ally defeat challenging opponents by working together and being buddies. This combination is the definition of adaptability, with a variety of skills to give any squad. The Handler's benefits are intended to be useful. They increase mobility and recuperation rates. As a result, allowing for quick and simple group cooperation.

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An added perk ensures that their health will instantly replenish while The Handler is close to their buddy. The companion of this type is immune to permanent death, unlike typical characters. This character fits well with players that appreciate teamwork and want a dependable buddy.

remnant 2 the handler

Remnant 2 Challenger

Every kind of player who likes mid-range fighting should choose the Challenger class. The fact that this class is a perfect fusion of presence and damage that can be dealt to opponents is, without any question, its greatest strength. Because of this, this archetype is ideal for serving as a deterrent for anyone who is foolish and would be tempted to confront it. This class is unquestionably the ideal option for you if you fit the profile of a player who exhibits these traits.

As a result of what we just discussed, their advantages center on dealing a lot of damage, shielding themselves with heavy armor, and drastically lowering the damage that all nearby enemies deal, the Challenger archetype is best suited for those that take pleasure in close-quarters battle and dominating foes.

remnant 2 the challenger

Remnant 2 Medic

The Medic is the ideal class for everyone who plays with the intention of assisting others, as you can probably already infer from the name of the class. In fact, of all the classes in the game, this one is best suited to handling the relics and bringing the characters back to life. This is the case, thus, anyone employing this archetype performs these jobs more than efficiently.

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As you might have guessed, this class's benefits are mostly intended to keep the squad alive, particularly during the most challenging encounters against challenging adversaries. It's also vital to remember that this class has fantastic regeneration abilities and that it is able to tolerate interruptions more effectively than other classes when employing relics.

remnant 2 the medic

Remnant 2 Hunter

Hunters are the undisputed kings of deadly precision and pinpoint accuracy in combat. They have a natural capacity to identify and take advantage of their enemies' weaknesses, making sure that each shot is effective. They are masters at striking foes with powerful strikes that send them reeling in fright, thanks to their acute eyes and firm hands. The gameplay of the Hunter archetype is concentrated on close-quarters combat and accuracy. They have a remarkable talent for quickly identifying and neutralizing targets, usually doing so even before the conflict starts.

The strength of this class is to leverage perks and traits that allow it to use both short and medium-long-range combat, creating great versatility in the way it plays. This class is suitable for all players who prefer more versatile gameplay and who prefer to change the way they play often, focusing on accuracy.

remnant 2 archetypes- the hunter class

All Remnant 2 Classes & Archetypes Explained
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