All Persona 3 Reload Achievements and Trophies

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All Persona 3 Reload Achievements and Trophies

This guide will cover all the Persona 3 Reload achievements and trophies

Persona 3 Reload has just been released for Windows, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on February 2nd. Naturally, gamers who have a completionist personality will immediately start grinding the numerous trophies and achievements for the game and that’s why this article is here to help you out with your goal.

There are 48 collectible trophies for Persona 3 Reload and although the number might seem like a lot, most of these are very easy to get and can be acquired in a casual playthrough without much effort. Let’s get right into it.

Story Trophies

All Persona 3 Reload Achievements and Trophies

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These trophies/achievements can be obtained very easily and quite inevitably as they’re part of the main story. So sit back and beat up some bosses to acquire these sweet trophies for your collection.

  • Awakened Power: Obtained Orpheus.
  • SEES the Day: Joined the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad.
  • Back on Track: Defeated the Priestess.
  • Empowered Protector: Defeated the Empress and the Lovers.
  • Never Toy with Matters of the Heart Defeated the Hierophant and the Lovers.
  • Armor Disarmed: Defeated the Chariot and Justice.
  • Dodging Lightning: Defeated the Hermit.
  • Twist of Fate: Defeated Fortune and Strength.
  • A Sense of Finality: Defeated the Hanging Man.
  • The Great Seal: Sealed Nyx.

Bronze Trophies

All Persona 3 Reload Achievements and Trophies

All the story trophies count as bronze trophies as well, but we decided to categorize them separately because they’re easier to distinguish and all of them are obtained specifically in the story. There’s quite a few bronze trophies to go over, so let’s have a look at them:

  • The Fool’s Journey: Obtained by choosing 10 major arcana cards through Shuffle Time, which occurs randomly after every battle in Tartarus. Note that ending a battle with an All-Out attack guarantees a Shuffle Time victory.
  • People Person: Unlock every social link in the game and rank them up to rank 1.
  • A Newfound Strength: Obtain every teammates’ Ultimate Personas. This is done by reaching maximum friendship with everyone in SEES.
  • The Power of Choice: Obtain 10 Personas during Shuffle Time.
  • There’s No “I” in “Team”: Perform a Shift for the first time, which is a brand new mechanic in Persona 3 Reload.
  • Extracurricular Excellence: After 6/18, people will start to go missing within The Dark Hour, and saving at least one of them will earn you this trophy.
  • Get a Load of Those Numbers!: Deal 999 damage in a single attack, excluding All-Out attacks.
  • Shrouded Assassin: Initiate 50 chance encounters, do this by attacking enemies from behind in the field.
  • The Thrill of The Hunt: Defeat a rare, golden enemy.
  • Making The Dream Work: Obtained after doing 50 All-Out attacks.
  • Glimpse of The Depths: Beat 10 Monad doors in your playthrough; Monad doors hide powerful bosses behind them.
  • Briefcase Burglar: Open 50 treasure chests.
  • Shattered Plumes: Use 50 Twilight Fragments.
  • The Horror of the Shade: Encounter a Dark Zone in Tartarus. This excludes the tutorial to Dark Zones so you’ll have to encounter one by chance to get the trophy.
  • The First of Many: Fuse two Personas together using Dyad Fusion.
  • Fusion Artisan: Perform a fusion with three or more Personas. To do so, you’ll need to unlock special fusions, which are unlocked after finishing Requests, Linked Episodes or Social Links.
  • Birthday Present: Personas will sometimes have a big heart icon next to them, indicating that they’ll drop an item if you continue to level them up. Collect one of those items to obtain the trophy.
  • Tempting Fate: Obtained when you change a skill during Fusion. Skill Changes are a random occurrence.
  • Eat your Veggies, Peas!: Harvest a crop with the help of a teammate.
  • The Grindset Mindset: Earn over 50,000 yen from part-time jobs.
  • Specialist: Max out one Social stat.
  • Dorm Life: Spend an evening with one of your teammates.
  • Gourmand: Order from a secret menu at Iwatodai strip mall at night. This can be done by selecting ‘Seafood Full Course’ at Wakatsu Kitchen. Note that your charm needs to be at rank 3 for this to work.
  • Benevolent Purr-tector: Nurse a cat back to health. Can be done through Request #42 from Elizabeth.
  • In High Demand: Accept 5 hang-out invitations. Socializing is key!
  • Beyond the Darkness: Can be obtained by opening the treasure at the end of the Monad door on the 91st floor of Tartarus.
  • Through Thick and Thin: Unlock a Teammate’s Combat Characteristics. Do this by witnessing all 3 dorm events for a companion and activity.
  • Eagle Eye: Obtain every Twilight Fragment in town. There are a total of 17 of them which can be found in the town.
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Silver Trophies

All Persona 3 Reload Achievements and Trophies

That’s a lot of bronze trophies! Up next are the silver trophies, which usually require a bit more effort or time to obtain. Here they are:

  • From Shadows into Light: Choose the good ending. You can do this by choosing to fight Nyx when the decision arrives.
  • Distinguished Visitor: Invite Elizabeth to your room after completing 82 requests for her. But to earn the trophy, you need to ask her out on a date and watch the cutscene that entails.
  • Top of the Class: Ace an exam in school. Get to studying!
  • That Special Someone: Nurture romance with a partner in the game. The potential romantic partners in the game are Yuko, Chihiro, Yukari, Fuuka, Mitsuru, and Aigis.
  • Unbreakable Link: Completely max out one Social Link.
  • The Strength of Our Hearts: Use all teammates’ Theurgy. These are basically ultimate attacks for each member in your party.
  • Peak Performance: Max out ALL social stats.

Gold Trophies

All Persona 3 Reload Achievements and Trophies

Lastly, here are the gold trophies for the game. There’s not a lot, so get grinding!

  • A Legacy of Friendships: Max out ALL Social Links.
  • Reaper Reaped: Defeating the Reaper will earn you this trophy. To make him spawn, simply stay on the same floor for around 5 minutes. Note that you should be at least level 80 before attempting.
  • Path to Salvation: Unlocked after obtaining Messiah, which is a level 90 Persona that can be unlocked by maxing out the Judgement Social Link in January. The fusion recipe will require you to fuse Thanatos and Orpheus.
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After obtaining all the trophies mentioned above, you should automatically get a notification for obtaining the Platinum trophy, A Most Remarkable Guest. Congratulations, you’ve officially completed Persona 3 Reload through and through!

And that concludes our guide for all the trophies/achievements for Persona 3 Reload! Unlike the original game, you can obtain all these in just one single playthrough, so it makes things a lot more accessible for new players. Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t recommend that you never play this game after finishing it for the first time, as it’s an extremely fun journey and NG+ just adds to the extra challenges. We hope this guide helps you earn all the trophies and have a good time while doing so!

All Persona 3 Reload Achievements and Trophies
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