Persona 3 Reload Combat Tips

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Persona 3 Reload Combat Tips

In a game like Persona 3 Reload, we can't help but focus on the combat. In fact, in addition to having to study, take exams, and maintain various types of relationships, you will have to face a myriad of enemies and bosses. For this reason, some Persona 3 Reload combat tips could be useful for you to adopt if you have difficulty getting through some areas. Combat is important for the economy of the game, so it is important that you do your best to get the most out of it so as not to fall into frustration, especially if you are not used to this type of game.

Persona 3 Reload Combat Tips You Should Follow

Let's see together, therefore, what are some Persona 3 Reload combat tips that we can give you in order to give you advice on how to progress in the game? Furthermore, know that these tips can be very useful, especially when you have to explore Tartarus, since you will have stronger enemies to face as you climb the dungeon.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The first thing to take into consideration during any type of combat is the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents. Being aware of these two things, in fact, will allow you to approach the fight before you in a better way. In fact, it is useless for you to attack an enemy using attacks or skills that represent one of his strengths; instead, you will have to exploit his weaknesses.

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Since everyone in Persona 3 Reload has weaknesses, all you have to do is find out what they are. Fortunately, the game comes to your aid by letting you know which of the characters in your party are capable of inflicting damage on a particular type of enemy. So, keep this game mechanic in mind to have an easier life during your battles.

Use Different Personas

Precisely from what we said in the previous point, our advice is to experiment with different Personas. In fact, as you progress further in your adventure, starting to perform physiques between the various Personas will be very useful since you will create increasingly stronger Personas who will have skills inherited from their parents.

However, be aware that your team members are not able to change Personas, but that doesn't mean you can't do anything about them too. In fact, as you continue with the story, they will be able to learn new skills that will certainly be very useful to you during your adventure. Remember that the game will become progressively more difficult as you will have to face increasingly powerful enemies.

persona 3 reload combat tips

Use Items

Another thing to take into consideration is the use of items that are present in the game world. In fact, throughout the story, you will be able to collect many materials and this will be very useful in combat. Many of these items will serve to restore your health bar or to give you bonuses regarding attacks, or, again, they can allow you to be immune to some effects. In short, don't underestimate the power of items as they can be really useful.

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Use Theurgy Attacks

Another game mechanic that was added in Persona 3 Reload and which is not present in the original version is that of Theurgy attacks. These are very powerful attacks that are capable of putting you in an advantageous position against practically any type of enemy, even bosses. However, they cannot be used continuously; you will first have to fill in the relevant bar. Another important thing to know, then, is that they will not be available from the beginning but only after Mitsuru and Fuuka have joined your team.

Open Chests To Avoid Battles

Finally, we want to give you another piece of advice that can be useful in some cases, especially when you find yourself inside Tartarus. As you surely know, in Persona 3 Reload, you will have the opportunity to open chests, which will give you rewards that vary based on the type of chest. However, these chests also have another function. In fact, as soon as you open one, all the enemies who are in that area and who are following you will disappear.

This is certainly a very useful thing to know, given that you will often find yourself being chased by enemies in Persona 3 Reload. Even just briefly entering the enemy's field of vision will cause them to start chasing you. This isn't always a good thing, especially if you have little health left and so your goal is simply to survive rather than engage in combat. If this is your case, you can use this trick to avoid fighting and continue with more peace of mind.

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Persona 3 Reload Combat Tips
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