All Persona 3 Reload Best Personas

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All Persona 3 Reload Best Personas

What are the Persona 3 Reload best Personas? Persona 3 Reload gives you the opportunity to choose between different Personas during your adventure. Since this new version also has new additions compared to the original game, it is a good idea to review which are the Persona 3 Reload best Personas that you can use during your adventure. If you don't know which ones to rely on, therefore, this is the right article for you.

Persona 3 Reload Best Personas

In Persona 3 Reload, there are different types of Personas that you can deal with and they are divided into different categories: Fire, Ice, Electric, Wind, Light, and Dark. In this article, therefore, we will show you the best Persona for each of these categories.


Seth, the mightiest Fire Persona, is like a blazing warrior with super powerful Fire moves such as Agidyne and Maragidyne. These fiery skills can really pack a punch and deal a lot of damage. But that's not all—Seth gets even stronger with Fire Amp and Fire Break. These special boosts make his Fire attacks hit even harder, and he can break through the defenses of enemies who think they can resist the heat.

When it comes to facing enemies who like to use Ice or Light skills, Seth has a big advantage. Ice attacks won't do much to him because he can just shake them off like they're nothing. And if someone tries to hit him with Light moves, he's like a mirror—he can bounce the light right back at them.


Skadi, the strongest Ice Persona, is like an icy powerhouse equipped with the mighty Nifleim skill and some cool tricks for staying tough in battles. Nifleim is a super strong move that not only deals a lot of damage to one unlucky target but also freezes them solid. It's like hitting the enemy with an icy blast, making it a top choice for taking down big bosses who just can't handle the chill.

But that's not all—Skadi becomes even more of a threat with the Ice Amp boost. This makes all of its ice moves hit even harder, turning it into a real cold-hearted force to be reckoned with. And don't let Skadi's weakness to fire fool you; once it reaches level 84, it learns Absorb Fire. This means that instead of getting hurt by fire attacks, Skadi actually gains health from them. Also, Skadi has a neat trick called Tetrakarn. This move acts like a shield, letting Skadi brush off a physical attack for the whole party.

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persona 3 reload best personas


Odin, the mightiest Electric Persona, is like a lightning-wielding powerhouse armed with the incredible Thunder Reign attack. This move is like a bolt from the blue, dealing massive electric damage to a single foe. But that's not all; Thunder Reign also has a chance to shock the enemy. It's like hitting them with a double whammy, not only hurting them but also making it hard for them to fight back.

And Odin doesn't stop there. At level 60, he learns Elec Amp, a special boost that cranks up his electric damage even more. This makes him a real force to be reckoned with, even against bosses who think they can resist the shock. When it comes to dealing with a bunch of Shadows at once, Odin's got a trick up his sleeve: Maziodyne. It might not be as powerful as Thunder Reign, but it can shock an entire enemy team. It's like casting a net of electric energy that leaves everyone stunned.

But here's the real kicker: Odin is smart with his energy. He's got this cool move called Spell Master that cuts the cost of his magic skills in half. This means he can keep throwing out his powerful electric attacks without worrying too much about running out of energy. It's like he's got an endless supply of lightning at his fingertips, keeping the pressure on the enemy for longer.


Norn, the mightiest Wind Persona, is like a gentle breeze turned into a powerful tornado with her incredible Panta Rhei move. This skill can whip up massive wind damage, and when you throw in the Wind Amp passive skill, it becomes even more of a force to be reckoned with. It's like giving Norn a special boost that lets her cut through bosses who think they can resist the wind.

But Norn isn't all about big, single-target attacks. When it comes to clearing out groups of Shadows that can't stand the wind, she's got Magarudyne in her arsenal. It might not be as intense as Panta Rhei, but it's perfect for sweeping away a bunch of enemies in one go. It's like creating a windstorm that leaves no Shadows standing.

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And here's the really cool part: Norn knows how to take care of herself in battle. She can automatically regain HP and SP. It's like having a built-in healing and energy-recharge system, which means you don't have to use up your precious items as much. This makes Norn not just a powerhouse in battle but also a smart and efficient choice, especially when you're exploring the higher floors of Tartarus.

persona 3 reload best personas


Daisoujou, the mightiest Light Persona, is like a radiant guardian armed with the super powerful instant death Light skills, Hamaon and Samsara. It's like unleashing beams of divine energy that have a chance to instantly wipe out enemies. And here's the kicker: Daisoujou's got this special boost called Hama Boost. It's like cranking up the power of its Light skills, giving it a higher chance to bring down the divine hammer on the entire enemy team.

But Daisoujou isn't just about offense; it's got some smart defensive moves too. Once it hits level 58, it learns Null Dark. This is like putting up a shield against Dark skills. So, those dark instant death tricks won't work on Daisoujou. It's like becoming immune to the shadowy stuff that would usually bring it down.


Alice, the mightiest Dark Persona, is like a shadowy sorceress armed with a special, one-of-a-kind Dark skill that can make enemies vanish in an instant. It's like she holds the power to bring a sudden end to all foes in the blink of an eye. And to make her dark arts even more potent, she learns Mudo Boost at level 62. It's like putting more oomph into her instant defeat skills, making her a true master of the dark side.

Interestingly, Alice is a bit of a counterpart to Daisoujou, who excels in Light skills. However, Alice doesn't just stop at instant death. She brings some extra tricks to the table, like handy debuffs and an attack that drains the enemy's SP. Plus, she's got this cool ability to bounce back Dark skills instead of just canceling them out. But here's the catch: Alice has a weakness for Light damage. So, if you want to keep Alice safe from those pesky Light attacks, you might need to rely on Skill Cards and gear. Despite this vulnerability, Alice stands as a versatile and powerful force in the realm of Dark Personas.

persona 3 reload best personas

All Persona 3 Reload Best Personas
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