All Missable Content in FF7 Rebirth

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All Missable Content in FF7 Rebirth

Let’s look at all the missable content in FF7 Rebirth

The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has a pretty long main story that can take players anywhere from 40 to 60 hours to beat. And that’s if you were simply focusing on the main campaign. With thousands of side activities to do in the game, completing it in its entirety can easily take you around a hundred hours.

Now, if you rush through the story, you’ll be missing out on a lot of great content in the game. Sure, you can return to it later, but for that, you need to unlock the Chapter Select option. You don’t get it until you finish the whole story.

That means even though you’re not getting locked out of the content permanently, you still need to wait quite a while before you can access it. So what are these missable content in FF7 Rebirth?

That’s what we’ll discuss today in this article. Let’s get started!

Does FF7 Rebirth Have Any Missables?

As we said already, the missables in FF7 are a bit weird. In most cases, after you clear a location, you can go back to it later. That means you’ll be able to return to a previous location and do any of the quests or Chadley intel that you missed earlier.

But then again, there’s also a chance that you might not be able to access some specific segments, quests, or areas in the game as you progress further into the main story. Certain quests get removed from the Community Board later on.

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Don’t worry, though; FF7 Rebirth has a pretty simple way to access all the missables when you’re done with the main storyline. When you finish the story campaign, you’ll unlock the Chapter Select option. You can use this to revisit completed chapters while keeping your level and character progression.

What Are the FF7 Rebirth Missables?

Here are all the missable elements in FF7 Rebirth

1. Side Quests

All Missable Content in FF7 Rebirth

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Each region in FF7 Rebirth has a certain number of side quests that you can access before you get to the next chapter. You can check the Community Board for available jobs and side quests.

However, if you move on with the story before you finish the quests, you won’t be able to finish them until you get access to the Fast Travel option in the game. It’s a soft lock, though, so don’t be too worried about it.

2. Relationship Interactions

All Missable Content in FF7 Rebirth

Credit: Kakuchopurei

In certain chapters, you can get special interactions between the characters that are pretty easy to miss out on. For instance, after the boss battle in Chapter 6, you can choose to exit the area immediately afterward. But you’ll miss some of the post-battle interactions available if you decide to do that.

Since these interactions help you learn more about the characters and can also lead to different romance options, it’s always best to talk to all the characters you can before moving on.

3. Romance Options

All Missable Content in FF7 Rebirth

Credit: Gamespot

As it turns out, you can also miss some intimate moments with your party members if you plan on rushing through the game. A prime example of a missable romance option is the Gondola Ride at Skywheel Square.

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So don’t overlook any opportunity to hang out with your party members, especially if you want to get romance options for the character.

4. Chapter Location Items

Chapters that take place in exclusive areas can contain many missable items. This can include rare weapons, accessories, materia, and armor. If you don’t explore every nook and cranny, you might miss out on items that only appear in exclusive locations.

For example, when you’re playing as Yuffie in Chapter 7, you’ll find areas that you can only access using her Grappling Hook. If you don’t get all the items in that chapter, you won’t be able to access those same areas using Cloud later.

5. Mini-games

All Missable Content in FF7 Rebirth

Credit: RPG Site

The FF7 Rebirth has a lot of different mini-games that are tied to each chapter. If you don’t play these mini-games when they appear, you might not be able to play them later as you complete the chapter.

For instance, the Junon Inauguration Parade mini-game in Chapter 4 becomes unavailable once you finish the chapter. To make matters worse, two of the trophies in FF7 Rebirth are tied to this particular mini-game.

To play the mini-game again, you either need to reload a save file or go through the whole chapter using Chapter Selection once you unlock it.

The FF7 Rebirth is a huge game, and exploration is often rewarding here. So, if you’re a completionist, it’s best to hunt every nook and cranny whenever you get the chance. And even if you rush through the game, the Chapter Selection option will let you get the remaining items or interactions that you missed out on. Good luck!

All Missable Content in FF7 Rebirth
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