How Many Chapters are in FF7 Rebirth?

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How Many Chapters are in FF7 Rebirth?

Find out How Many Chapters are in FF7 Rebirth. We have a list of all of them and give you a quick rundown. Spoilers Ahead.

FF7 Rebirth is out now and it is a huge milestone for Square Enix and the Final Fantasy 7 Remake project. It is the second part of what is planned to be a trilogy that retells and reexamines the legendary tale that is Final Fantasy 7.

You've probably already heard about how long this game is. According to some sites, it will take upwards of 100 hours for full completion which includes a second playthrough on higher difficulties.

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How Many Chapters are in FF7 Rebirth?

To help pace the game which covers roughly half of the original Final Fantasy 7, minus the Midgar Section from Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the game is broken up between 14 Chapters.

These chapters are however not indicative of the actual length of the game. Remake had a total of 18 chapters and its Intergrade DLC which were still shorter than Rebirth. After all the game features a truly massive Open World for players to explore.

Nonetheless, here is a short breakdown of all the Chapters in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth as well as a quick note on what is happening. We'll keep it light on spoilers but you have been warned.

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FF7 Rebirth Chapter List

Here are all the chapters of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

  1. Fall of a Hero
    • This Chapter covers the infamous Nibleheim Flashback which was also part of the Demo.
  2. A New Journey Begins
    • This Chapter covers Kalm, the Chocobo Ranch, and the Marsh.
  3. Deeper into Darkness
    • This chapter covers the entirety of the Mythril Mines of the original title.
  4. Dawn of a New Era
    • This chapter covers the area around Jeuno and the iconic military parade.
  5. Blood in the Water
    • This chapter is an extended version of the boat trip to Costa Del Sol from the original.
  6. Fool’s Paradise
    • This chapter is an extended version of the party's adventures in Costa Del Sol.
  7. Those Left Behind
    • This chapter is also an extended version of the Party's adventures at Mt. Corel.
  8. All That Glitters
    • This chapter features both the Gold Saucer as well as the Corel Prision section of the original.
  9. The Planet Stirs
    • This chapter features an extended version of the group's adventures in Gongaga and borrows heavily from the original Rocket town section.
  10. Watcher of the Vale
    • Here Cloud and co relive an extended version of the events of Cosmo Canyon.
  11. The Long Shadow of Shinra
    • Cloud and Tifa reconcile with their past by returning to Nibleheim.
  12. A Golden Key
    • This chapter sees the gang return to the Gold Saucer.
  13. Where Angels Fear to Tread
    • Most of this chapter covers the events of the Temple of the Ancients.
  14. End of the World
    • The Final Chapter of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is a retelling of the events at the City of the Ancients which marked roughly the halfway point of the original.
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But don't worry in case you missed anything. Once you've completed the game, you're free to return and replay sections of the game as well as complete all the Sidequests you have missed. Once you've completed the game you also gain the ability to remove Cloud from the Party and unlock new costumes for all characters.

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How Many Chapters are in FF7 Rebirth?
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