Best FF7 Rebirth Junon Parade Units

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Best FF7 Rebirth Junon Parade Units

Final Fantasy is a saga well known for adding minigames to play within its games. One of them is the FF7 Rebirth Junon Parade minigame. Anyone who has had the opportunity to play the original will surely remember it, but in case you are a new player, in this article, we will tell you which are the best Junon Parade Units to use to successfully overcome this minigame.

FF7 Rebirth Junon Parade Minigame

First, find at least five Midgar 7th Infantry units in Junon for the parade. Of course, having all of them is best so that you can choose the best formation you can get. When you have all 10 units, choose the way they line up for the show. If you're not worried about getting a high score and just want easy button presses, pick a lineup with fewer different groups.

Actually, the units with the hardest button presses give the best bonuses for the show. Here's the best mix of units for the FF7 Rebirth Junon Parade that gets the highest score:

  • Two Riot Troopers
  • Two Grenadiers
  • One Flametrooper

But how should you place them? No worries; we will tell you how to do it. Put the Flametrooper in the middle of the Riot Troopers and Grenadiers. Keep the Grenadiers together on one side and the two Riot Troopers on the other. If you do the moves right, this setup will do really well in all three rounds.

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This lineup with two Riot Troopers, two Grenadiers, and one Flametrooper is the best one because it has some of the same types of units, which gives a bonus. But it also has different types, which makes it harder and gives another bonus. This successful mix gives you the Ramah Formation, the Shiva Formation, and the Bahamut Formation. They're all three-star formations, which means they're the best for scoring and the hardest to do right.

FF7 Rebirth Junon Parade

FF7 Rebirth Junon Parade Locations

We said that the best thing to do is to find all 10 units but this does not only apply to the minigame, but also if you are a trophy hunter and plan to get all those that are present in the game. In fact, there is a trophy, called “7th, Assemble!”, which forces you to find all the units in order to unlock it. If you don't know where to go, we'll give you the locations where the FF7 Rebirth Junon Parade units are located.

  • The Full Arsenal (Larboard Junon)
  • The Glabrescent Bar
  • Cecilia's of Junon
  • Rufus Cutout
  • Boardwalk
  • Le Sourire
  • Storeroom (Larboard Garrison)
  • Assembly Room (Barracks)
  • Briefing Room (Barracks)
  • Maghnata Books
Best FF7 Rebirth Junon Parade Units
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