Albion Online Refining Guide

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Albion Online Refining Guide

Before you are able to craft any type of item in Albion Online, you will need to go through a process of refining the resources you have collected. Consequently, it is the intermediate step between gathering and crafting, therefore a fundamental step without which you could create absolutely nothing.

For this reason, in this Albion Online refining guide, we have decided to tell you everything you need to know about this process, which may not seem so important, but in reality, it is very important. If you have spent time collecting resources in the vast Albion Online map, the next step is to refine them.

Albion Online Refining Explained

In Albion Online, you will not be able to create practically any items unless you first refine the resources you have collected. This makes this process of fundamental importance and it is therefore important that you know everything there is to know about it. Obviously, like everything else in Albion Online, the refinement process also has a price but it fluctuates since the economy is managed by the players themselves.

But what does all this mean? Let's give a more detailed explanation. The first thing to know is that you will have the opportunity to find raw materials at really affordable prices on some occasions, so this is your time to make money and then refine them and resell them at a higher price for a profit. In fact, refined materials are one of the most requested things in the game since they will be used to create players' equipment (and in Albion Online, it is very easy to get naked, in the true sense of the word).

Obviously, in case you don't want to spend money buying these materials and then refining and reselling them, you can also go around the game world and collect them. In an article dedicated to how the Albion Online map is divided, we said that there are five different biomes, each with its own resources that can be gathered.

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However, this option will not only ask you for time to invest, which not everyone has or has the desire to do, but it is also not very easy to be able to collect the right ratio to obtain high-level resources. It is for this reason, therefore, that many players opt to purchase these materials from the various retailers that are present in the game world.

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The Process

Now that we have explained to you in broad terms what refining is in Albion Online, the time has come to get into the heart of the matter and tell you everything you need to know about the actual process. In fact, you don't actually have to do anything, the game will do everything, you just have to give the start command. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't know how it works in the background.

First of all, in order to refine resources, you will have to go to one of the many refining stations that are present in the cities. Obviously, you will have to go to the right one. You certainly won't be able to refine leather from the carpenter. Once you have identified the right refining station (you can easily see it on the map with the resource icon), all you have to do is start the process.

Keep in mind that in order to refine resources above Tier 2, you will need resources from the previous Tier and an ever-increasing number of raw materials. Below, we provide you with a convenient list of the necessary quantities so that you can consult them whenever you need them:

  • Tier 2: 1x Raw Material
  • Tier 3: 1x Refined Material and 2x Raw Materials
  • Tier 4: 1x Refined Material and 2x Raw Materials
  • Tier 5: 1x Refined Material and 3x Raw Materials
  • Tier 6: 1x Refined Material and 4x Raw Materials
  • Tier 7: 1x Refined Material and 5x Raw Materials
  • Tier 8: 1x Refined Material and 5x Raw Materials
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albion online refining


If there aren't many basic materials available, you can purchase cheaper materials (at least Tier 4) and change them to a higher level or better quality. You can do this in the second section of the refining station. This way, it stops the prices of materials from getting too high at the Marketplace and lets players get better materials even if they're hard to find. The price of changing materials goes up as the level or quality increases, and it's also influenced by Global Discount and Station Taxes.

albion online refining

Where to Refine Different Materials

Once you have been able to obtain raw materials (the method of obtaining them is irrelevant), what you need to do is take them to the right refining station to be able to refine them. Obviously, since there are different cities and many refining stations, each of them will have different resource returns. For this reason, it would be recommended to take advantage of those that allow you to have higher conversions. Here, then, is a list of cities with the highest return rates for each type of resource:

  • Planks (Lumbermill): Forst Sterling
  • Cloth (Weaver): Lymhurst
  • Stone Blocks (Stonemason): Bridgewatch
  • Leather (Tanner): Martlock
  • Metal Bars (Smelter): Thetford
Albion Online Refining Guide
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