Albion Online Crafting Guide

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Albion Online Crafting Guide

Crafting is one of the most important things in Albion Online. In addition to fighting enemies, managing your farms, etc, you will also have the opportunity to go around the game world and collect resources that you will need to build armor, weapons, and various types of objects.

In this article, we will provide you with a complete Albion Online crafting guide that you can consult whenever you need it. Keep in mind that the game offers truly infinite possibilities, so you can give plenty of space to your creativity.

Albion Online Crafting Explained

As we have already said, crafting is an extremely important activity in Albion Online, but it may not be so simple to understand at the beginning of your adventure. There are many things to take into consideration in order to be an expert crafter, such as how to refine resources, how to cook, and how to create potions thanks to alchemy. These are all activities that fall under crafting.

How to Unlock Crafting in Albion Online

Once you complete the first part of the tutorial, you will unlock the Novice Adventurer in the Destiny Board, which, in turn, will unlock the Trainee Craftsman Mastery. This is very important because it is the key to being able to craft anything at the crafting stations, namely Mage's Tower, Warrior's Forge, Hunter's Lodge, and Toolmaker. As you can imagine, each of them has different functions.

Mage's Tower

  • Fire Staffs
  • Holy Staffs
  • Arcane Staffs
  • Frost Staffs
  • Cursed Staffs
  • Tomes
  • Cloth Cowls
  • Robes
  • Sandals

Warrior's Forge

  • Swords
  • Axes
  • Maces
  • Hammers
  • Crossbows
  • War Gloves
  • Shields
  • Plate Helmets
  • Armors
  • Boots

Hunter's Lodge

  • Bows
  • Spears
  • Nature Staffs
  • Daggers
  • Quarterstaffs
  • Torches
  • Leather Hoods
  • Jackets
  • Shoes


  • Gathering Tools
  • Demolition Hammers
  • Gathering Gear
  • Capes
  • Bags

Albion Online Crafting

Albion Online Crafting Tips: How Does it Work?

Now that you know how to unlock crafting in Albion Online and what each crafting station is capable of producing, the time has come to get into the heart of the matter and give you some useful advice. They will certainly be very important, especially at the beginning of your adventure, when you may be confused and not sure how to proceed.

Study Your Items

The first thing to do is study the items we have available. This allows you to progress faster in order to unlock the Journeyman and Adepft crafting levels, so that you can always elevate your crafting. However, the downside is that any object you decide to study will be destroyed and therefore can no longer be used. This is something you'll have to do anyway if you want to advance, so don't worry about destroying items for the sake of knowledge. Also, remember that items will need to be researched at the correct crafting stations.

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Finally, you should also know that once you have reached the maximum study level for an item, you will no longer be able to study previous levels. Consequently, you will not always be able to study the same object to advance your level in crafting, but you will have to rely on a different variety of objects. Fortunately, Albion Online is generous in this respect, so you shouldn't have any particular problems in this regard.

Resource Return

When you start crafting items at stations, you will receive a resource return bonus, meaning it will return a percentage of the resources. However, you will have to pay particular attention to crafting stations found in cities, as they charge fees. So, our advice is to check in advance what their fee is and see whether or not it is convenient for you to craft items in that place.

Albion Online Crafting

Local Production Bonuses

Local production bonuses give you extra stuff when you make things in certain places. Each type of land has a bonus for making one thing better, like refining metal or making weapons. For example, in the Forest land, you get more stuff when you make cloth or certain weapons and armor. If you make these things in the city of Lymhurst or in a hideout in a forest, you get even more stuff back.

Cities are the best for making raw materials better, but hideouts are better for making gear. The amount of extra stuff you get also depends on how good the area is and how upgraded your hideout is. You can see these bonuses on the map. The numbers tell you how much extra stuff you will get if you use the returned materials to make more things.

Daily Production Bonus

If you want to be even better at what they do, you can check the Activities window. Here, you can see the daily bonus for production. This bonus changes every day when the game gets updated and gives you either 10% or 20% more stuff when you make up to two different groups of items.


Focus, once activated, allows you to increase the return rate of the materials you use during the crafting process in Albion Online. To use this feature, all you have to do is check the Focus box located below the crafting window. The number you will see there indicates how much Focus you will need to get an increased return of resources.

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Item Quality

Closely related to what we just said about Focus, remember to always check what your Focus level is. In fact, if you don't have the right level, the items you create will be of low level. Albion Online, in fact, has a mechanic that allows you to decipher the quality of the items that are created.

Crafting Mastery and Specalization

The Mastery node breaks down into separate nodes for each thing you can make. Each of them has its own Specialization. Leveling these up gives a big boost to how efficiently you can use Focus and your chances of making high-quality items for that specific item. It's clear how important Study, Mastery, and Specialization are for crafting and how they affect item levels.

Albion Online Crafting

Enhanced Gear

To craft with enchanted materials, in the crafting box, you will see four diamonds. These show the enchantment levels of the materials you want to use. The green diamond lets you craft Uncommon, the blue diamond Rare, the purple diamond Exceptional, and the gold diamond Pristine. Just click the diamond for the level you want, and if you have the right materials, you can craft the item. Remember, if the item needs different materials, they all have to be enchanted, and they all have to be at the same level.

When making high-level items, you need to plan how to get the materials. You can raise your gathering and refining levels to make the materials yourself, or you can buy them. If you buy them, use buy orders on the Marketplace to get them cheaply and make the most profit or study potential. If you've made an item with good quality but low enchantment, you can enchant it later at the Artifact Foundry.


In Albion Online there are different types of Artifacts and we can distinguish them both based on their level and the materials needed to produce them. Let's see together what levels are available:

  • Level 1: Runes (Artifact) or Royal Sigils
  • Level 2: Souls (Artifact)
  • Level 3: Relics (Artifact) or Feys
  • Level 4: Avalonian Shards

You can make all Artifacts, except for Royal Sigils (only in Arenas and Expeditions) and Fey artifacts (only in the Mists), at the Artifact Foundry in any city. You can find Runes, Souls, and Relics in different spots like the open world, dungeons, or Hellgates. The higher the zone level, the better the materials you will find.

Albion Online Crafting Guide
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