Albion Online Farming Guide

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Albion Online Farming Guide

Farming is one of the pillars of Albion Online and allows you to have access to very important resources that you will surely need during your adventure. You will be able to feed animals, cook food, or create your own potions.

In this Albion Online farming guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about this very important game mechanic. If you are new to the game, you will surely find this guide very useful, as it will explain in detail the various aspects of farming in Albion Online.

Albion Online Farming Explained

Farmers are really important in Albion. They help the economy and make all the food everyone needs. They do lots of things, like feeding baby animals, making strong mounts, and creating potions for fighting and gathering. Everything farmers make is super important for almost every job in Albion. The food farmers grow is also needed to maintain guild territory. So, every guild with a territory wants a good farmer to make sure they have enough food. Otherwise, they will have to buy expensive carrot soup for their plots.

Albion Online Farming

How to Start Farming in Albion Online

To start farming in Albion Online, you need a place to plant seeds. The easiest way is to buy your own island. Each person can have one island, and it can have up to 5 farming areas, depending on how developed the island is. Another way to get land for farming is to be part of a guild that has a farm territory.

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These territories are great for growing lots of crops and feeding the guild's territories. You can have up to 8 farming areas there. On both private islands and farm territories, you will find the Farming Merchants. They sell seeds, baby animals, and even furniture for your home. You can get everything you need to start farming or breeding from them.

Different Options

Now that you have everything you need to start farming in Albion Online, you can decide what you want to do. You can grow herbs or vegetables, raise young horses and cows that will become mounts, or take care of special baby animals that can become even stronger mounts. You can plant vegetables and grains on a farm plot, which you can use to make food. Herbs go in an herb garden plot, and once you pick them, you can use them to make potions.

Animals are split into two groups: riding animals and animals for food. Both types can be kept in a pasture. Riding animals are young horses and cows, which grow up into big horses and oxen. Animals for food, like chickens and cows, give things like eggs and milk while they're alive, and you can use them for cooking too. Then, there's a special type of animal that you can raise in a kennel. You can't buy these from a store; you have to find them from powerful enemies or buy them from other players.

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Albion Online Farming

Albion Online Farming Tips

Taking care of your crops and animals is super important in farming in Albion Online. You can use Focus Points to water your plants or take care of baby animals after feeding them. This helps you get more seeds and more baby animals when you harvest the crops or animals. The amount of Focus Points you use depends on how good you are at farming. The better you get, the fewer Focus Points you need.

To become a farming expert, pay attention to details. This will save you time and money when raising animals and growing crops. Watch how long it takes for each animal and plant to grow, especially if you're raising riding animals. If you want to save time, plan your schedule around when your animals and plants will be ready, so you can produce more. Keep an eye on your Focus Points, too. You only have 30,000, and you only get back 10,000 each day if you have Premium Status. So, focus on the most important products or the ones that won't give you as many points.

Albion Online Farming Guide
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