Albion Online Potions – What Are They and How to Use Them

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Albion Online Potions – What Are They and How to Use Them

Albion Online isn't just about being able to farm and craft items that will come in handy in the dangerous world of the game; there's also a magical streak to it. For this reason, Albion Online potions still play an important role in the game economy.

In this article, we will tell you what they are and what you need to do to use them, as well as provide you with a list of the Albion Online potions that are available in the game. Know that some of them are really useful for the most varied purposes, so don't take this feature lightly. Even if you are not an experienced wizard, we are sure that some of the potions will certainly be useful during your adventure.

Albion Online Potions Explained

Potions are nothing more than consumables that you can decide to equip at any time. They are very useful for having advantages in combat, as they are able to apply different buffs and debuffs. Albion Online offers its players 14 different types of potions, so we will explain what the characteristics of each of them are.

How to Get Potions

There are several ways to get potions in Albion Online. One of them is to be able to create them through the Alchemist's Lab, buy them at the Marketplace, or obtain them by exchanging something with someone. Obviously, the last two options are the quickest and fastest, as you will not need any type of resource (except for money and something else to exchange).

However, if you actually want to make massive use of potions in Albion Online, the path that best suits you is crafting. It is true that you will have to spend some time to find resources (and in some cases, it will not even be that simple), but it is certainly the most convenient option in the long term, both because you will not have to waste money and because, by exploring and looking for resources, you will also level up your skills.

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However, once you have been able to find all the right resources to be able to create these potions, know that you will be creating five at a time. In this way, you will always have a decent supply of potions to draw on before launching into PvP combat or exploring the dungeons that are present in practically the entire game map.

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How to Use Potions

To be able to use Albion Online potions while exploring the game world, all you have to do is equip them. However, keep in mind that you can only carry a maximum of 10 potions with you. To use them, simply click on the icon of the potion in question and you will have access to its bonuses and advantages. Also, be aware that although most potions affect you, there are some that target other players or an area on the ground.

Potions List

Albion Online offers its players various potions that can be used, each with its own characteristics. For completeness, after having explained how to obtain them and how to use them, it is appropriate that we tell you what the Albion Online potions are and what their functions are.

Healing Potions

They help players get healthier quickly. The better the potion, the more it helps. People usually use these drinks when fighting one-on-one or against computer-controlled enemies.

Energy Potions

They give players some energy right away. They also help players get more energy and make their abilities ready faster for a short time. The better the potion, the more it helps. People often use these potions when they're fighting in small groups or in Arenas, especially if they're using weapons that heal.

Gigantify Potions

They make players bigger for a little while. This also makes them able to carry more and have more health. They can't be pushed around during this time. The stronger the potion, the bigger the effect. People often use these potions to defend themselves in big fights.

Resistance Potions

They make players tougher and better at resisting being controlled for a short time. The better the potion, the stronger these effects are. They're useful in different situations, from small fights to big battles.

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Sticky Potions

These are potions players can throw that make a sticky mess on the ground. When enemies step on it, they get slower and weaker for five seconds. If there are hidden enemies, they will be seen when they step into it. Better potions make the effects stronger. Players can use these potions in different situations, either to attack enemies or to defend themselves.

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Poison Potions

They are thrown at enemies to hurt them for four seconds. The stronger the potion, the more damage it does. People use these in small fights, surprise attacks, and against computer-controlled enemies.

Invisibility Potions

They make you disappear for a short time, but you do less damage. They're only available at the highest level, but you can make them last longer with special magic. People use these when they want to surprise or run away from a fight.

Calming Potions

They make you invisible to computer-controlled enemies for a bit, so they stop attacking you. Stronger versions can be thrown and affect more people, which helps in group fights against computer-controlled enemies.

Cleansing Potions

They get rid of things that stop you from moving or using your abilities, like being stunned or silenced. Some of them even make you immune to these things for a short time. They're helpful in many different situations.

Acid Potions

They make enemies weaker to attacks for a short time when thrown on the ground. The stronger the potion, the more it weakens enemies. People use them to make enemies easier to beat.

Berserk Potions

They make you stronger in fights, but you're easier to hurt. The better the potion, the stronger you get and the weaker your defense becomes. They're great for fights where you want to deal a lot of damage.

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Hellfire Potions

These are potions you can throw that make fire on the ground. It hurts players and creatures in the fire every half-second for up to 3 seconds. The stronger the potion, the more it hurts. You can use them to add extra damage in fights against other players or computer-controlled enemies.

Gathering Potions

They make you gather resources and catch fish faster. Better potions work for longer. They're handy when you're collecting valuable stuff to make more money.

Tornado in a Bottle

It is a potion you throw to make a tornado. It pushes away enemy players. The longer the potion lasts, the stronger the tornado. It's useful for protecting players from close-range attacks.

Albion Online Potions – What Are They and How to Use Them
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