Albion Online Expeditions Guide

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Albion Online Expeditions Guide

In Albion Online, in addition to collecting resources to craft items or engage in PvP, you will also have the opportunity to take part in Expeditions. The Albion Online Expeditions are nothing more than one of the many activities that are present in the vast game world and which you will therefore need to know if you want to make the most of everything the game has to offer you.

In this article, therefore, we will explain everything you need to know about Expedtions, what they are, how they are divided, and how they work. If you are a novice, this guide is certainly a panacea to further elevate your gaming experience in Albion Online.

Albion Online Expeditions Explained

Expeditions are like the heartbeat of adventure in Albion Online's gaming world. Picture this: you stroll into a bustling city, and there, standing tall amidst the chaos, is the Expedition Master NPC, your gateway to thrill-packed missions. These aren't your marathon gaming sessions; they're more like quick, adrenaline-fueled jaunts, perfect for when you're itching for action but short on time.

Now, here's the beauty of it: even if you faceplant in battle (we've all been there), it's not game over. Nope, you just get whisked back to the most recent checkpoint, a bit bruised but with all your gear intact. Your trusty sword might need a little TLC, though; durability loss is par for the course.

But there's more! We are talking about Hardcore Expeditions. They're not for the faint of heart. Picture a rollercoaster ride cranked up to eleven. You will need nerves of steel and a squad of five fellow daredevils to even stand a chance. And let me tell you, the loot at the end? Worth every drop of sweat. Now, getting into one of these isn't as simple as raising your hand. You will need an ancient map guarded by the toughest mobs out there. It's a hunt in itself, but the payoff is totally worth it!

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And lastly, where do you find these Expedition Masters? Well, they're like beacons of adventure, scattered across major cities and even some Outlands camps. Just look for that vibrant blue portal, and you know you're in for a wild ride. You can't miss them. You can see them from afar or directly on your map.

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Expedition Types

Basic Expeditions come in two types: solo and group, with group ones also known as Sellsword Expeditions. And then, as we already said, there are Hardcore Expeditions.

Solo Expeditions

If you're going solo, you can jump into a solo Expedition whenever you want, as long as you've reached the right Reaver level and have gear powerful enough. Just go see the Expedition Master NPC to get started.

Group Expeditions

For group Expeditions, or Sellsword ones, you start at the same place with the Expedition Master NPC. Hit the second tab and click “Register” to join the queue. In Sellsword Expeditions, you'll automatically get a job:

  • Defensive: Your job is to be the tank, taking all the hits from the mobs and bosses.
  • Supportive: You're the healer and protector, making sure everyone stays alive and well.
  • Offensive: You're the damage dealer, focusing on taking out the mobs while dodging their attacks.

Hardcore Expeditions

Hardcore Expeditions need a team of five to be played. Click on the third tab, then put the special map from your bag into the NPC's menu.

Once you pick your difficulty level, you will get taken to the start of the Expedition. An NPC there will fill you in on the mission. After you finish (usually by killing specific mobs), a portal pops up to take you back to your city. You have 60 minutes for solo runs and 120 for group or Sellsword ones. If you don't finish on time, you will be sent back home. Leaving early does the same and puts you on a timeout before you can start another Expedition.

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Special Rewards

Expeditions are perfect if you're not quite ready to step into the big, scary open world, or if you're just short on time. Even though you won't rake in as much Silver and Fame as you would out there, you will still earn some. Plus, your first Expedition of the day gives you a bonus chunk of Fame and a Royal Sigil.

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Now, these Royal Sigils are like special tokens. Combine them with regular gear parts, and you can craft Royal armors. There are three types: Cloth, Leather, and Plate. Just like how you unlock Artifact items through your combat skills on the Destiny Board, you will unlock these Royal sets the same way. And here's the cool part: each piece of Royal gear comes with its own special spell. That's nine spells in total, making each piece a little slice of magic waiting to be discovered.

Expeditions List

We said that there are different types of Expeditions that you can take part in in Albion Online. After having explained to you how they work, the time has come to give you a complete list of those you can face.

Individual Expedition (solo)

  • Journeyman's (T3): Curious Excavation

  • Adept’s (T4): Fishy Business, Preaching to the Dead

  • Expert’s (T5): Lumber Lunacy, Stone Wars, Lurking Underneath

Sellsword Expedition (Group)

  • Adept’s (T4): Fishy Business, Preaching to the Dead

  • Expert’s (T5): Lumber Lunacy, Stone Wars, Lurking Underneath

  • Master’s (T6): Fungicide, In the Raven's Claws, Eternal Battle, Three Sisters, Fistful of Silver

Hardcore Expedition (Pre-formed Party)

  • Master’s (T6): Preaching to the Dead, Fishy Business, Stone Wars, Lumber Lunacy, Lurking Underneath, Fungicide, Three Sisters, Fistful of Silver, Eternal Battle, In the Raven's Claws

How to Unlock Higher-Tier Expeditions

Regular Expeditions come in different levels. You unlock new ones by defeating creatures in Albion; the more creatures you beat, the higher your Reaver level goes. Reaver levels are part of the combat tree on the Destiny Board. So, if you fancy trying out a T6 Master’s Expedition, you need to be a Master Reaver and have gear that's up to scratch. And for Hardcore Expeditions, you need to be at least a Master Reaver to join in, on top of meeting the map and party requirements.

Albion Online Expeditions Guide
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