Alan Wake 2 Voice Cast and Actors

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Alan Wake 2 Voice Cast and Actors

Here is a quick rundown on all Alan Wake 2 Voice Cast and Actors.

Alan Wake 2 is finally here and it is everything that fans of the original hoped for and then some. Featuring some fantastic visuals, a haunting story, and amazing casting. In both its virtual and live-action cutscenes, Alan Wake 2 just doesn't miss.

So here is a comprehensive list of all the voice actors and actors used for the main characters of Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 Voice Cast and Actors

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Alan Wake

Titular character Alan Wake is once again portrayed by Finnish actor Ilkka Villi who fans of Remedy's titles may be familiar with. He played the author in the first game as well as the TV miniseries. Aside from that he has acted in a couple of TV shows such as Syke, Codename: Anika, and Poromafia.

He's once again voiced by Mattew Porretta who has been a mainstay in Remedy titles and video games as a whole. You can find him in titles such as Red Dead Redemption, and Grand Theft Auto. He's no stranger to the small screen either, being featured on Robin Hood: Men in Tights or The Blacklist.

Saga Anderson

Playing the cunning detective is Melanie Liburd who makes her video game debut in Alan Wake 2. But she is no stranger to acting by a long shot. Having portrayed Zoe Baker in This is Us and Nyv Harper in the show Dark Matter.

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Alex Casey

Alex Casey's likeness and acting come from the one and only Sam Lake (Sami Antero Järvi) writer and creative director at Remedy Entertainment. If you're a fan of their games, you've seen his work and his face might be very familiar to fans of the Max Payne series.

So it's only fitting that the character of Alex Casey who is a reference to Max Payne is voiced by James McCaffrey who is the voice of the New Jersey detective. He's also been a mainstay in Remedy's titles and acted in smaller shows and movies such as Mob Town, Jessica Joney, and Suits.

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Tim Baker

The small-town sheriff of Bright Falls is portrayed by none other than Shawn Ashmore who fans of Remedy might know from his portrayal of Quantum Break protagonist Jack Joyce. He's been a mainstay all over the big and small screen for quite some time. Most recently he portrayed Lamplighter in The Boys and his role as Wesley Evers in The Rookie.

Mr. Door

The enigmatic talk show host Warlin Door is played by David Harewood who gives a once-in-a-lifetime performance in Alan Wake 2. He has also been in quite a lot of movies, the Sandman Podcast, and portrayed the Martian Manhunter in the Supergirl TV show.

Ilmo Koskela/Jakko Koskela

The Koskela Brothers adventure tour who have arguably the best line in the entire game “Fuck the Goverment. We have bolt cutters.” They are played by accomplished Finnish actor Peter Franzén who is probably most famous for his role as King Harald Finehair in the hit TV Show Vikings.

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Ahti is the head janitor of the Federal Bureau of Control which you might know from Control. The charismatic janitor makes an appearance in Alan Wake 2. Played again by Martti Suosalo an actor and producer from Finland who's been a cornerstone of the Finnish movie and TV industry.

Kiran Estevez

The agent of the Federal Bureau of Control who has been mentioned in Control. She is played by Janina Gavankar who has been a quite a few games as of late. Playing Tanta Sila in Forspoken, Shroud in Redfall, and Sinmara in 2022's God of War Ragnarök.

Alice Wake

While she was portrayed by Brett Madden in the first game and American Nightmare, in Alan Wake 2 the wife of titular character Adam Wake is played by Christina Cole. This year she's been in Final Fantasy XVI as Anabella Rosfield she has also been featured on the TV shows Strike and Suits.

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Alan Wake 2 Voice Cast and Actors
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