Alan Wake 2 Screwdriver Location: How to Get it

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Alan Wake 2 Screwdriver Location: How to Get it

The Alan Wake 2 Screwdriver is a tool that you absolutely must get if you want to have free access to every padlock in the game. In fact, in Alan Wake 2, it is not only useful to have access to weapons such as the shotgun or the crossbow, but there are many other things that you can obtain simply by exploring the game world and not just focusing on carrying on the main story. In this article, therefore, we will explain in detail how to obtain the Alan Wake 2 Screwdriver, so that you can also have access to extra things.

How to get the Alan Wake 2 Screwdriver

The first thing you need to know about this is that you won't be able to get the Alan Wake 2 Screwdriver until you get to the Watery area and visit Coffee World. Don't worry too much, as this area must be visited as part of the story, so it is absolutely not to be missed. From this point on, therefore, the Screwdriver will be essential to continue, so you will have to find it at all costs. In fact, if, before this point, you were able to leave behind any padlock you found, from this moment on, it will no longer be possible.

To find the Alan Wake 2 Screwdriver location, you must take into account one of the attractions found in that area, namely the Percolator, a sort of rotating attraction equipped with bowls. To be precise, this attraction is located on the river bank if you follow the route from the amusement park. Once you find it, climb onto it and take the Alan Wake 2 Screwdriver. At this point, all you have to do is go back, but the return road will not be as calm as the outward journey. In fact, now there will be several enemies that you will have to face and eliminate in order to continue (technically, you can also decide to run, but we recommend eliminating the threat as it will be easier to continue).

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At this point, you can go back to where you saw the padlock previously and you can open it. However, don't expect to find rare rewards within these padlocks. The best rewards, as it is easy to imagine, are those that hide behind the solution of a puzzle, the finding of a key, or a code to use. It goes without saying, therefore, that inside the padlocks you will certainly not find weapons but ammunition and consumables, which, in any case, can always be convenient to have on hand.

Alan Wake 2 Screwdriver

Alan Wake 2 Screwdriver Location: How to Get it
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