Alan Wake 2 Shotgun Location

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Alan Wake 2 Shotgun Location

Although Alan Wake 2 is not a game in which combat is a primary thing in the gameplay, this does not mean that there are not phases in which it is necessary to defend oneself. In fact, in addition to exploration and investigation, there will be moments in which you will have to take action, such as against bosses. For this reason, in this article, we will tell you what the Alan Wake 2 shotgun location is, both as regards Saga and as regards Alan.

In fact, the two characters will have different inventories, so you will have to collect the shotgun twice and in different places. However, fear not: with this guide, you will be able to collect both weapons without any kind of problem, as we will provide you with all the useful information you need to be able to add a weapon to your inventory that will surely be useful to you.

Alan Wake 2 pump action shotgun location

The shotgun that can be acquired by playing as Saga is found in the abandoned general store located near the crime scene. Although you will be able to see this building during the first chapter, you will not actually be able to enter it until you begin the second chapter of the adventure (here is a list of all the chapters in Alan Wake 2).

Once you have been able to find the Manuscript Page located in the Witch's Hut, you will learn that your next destination is the general store located across the street. Once you enter the building, go towards the back wall, but watch out for an enemy who will attack you. You will have to kill him to continue. Pay attention to the fact that, although it is a simple enemy and although you can use your flashlight to surround him and expose his weak points, you will still need a lot of ammunition before you can kill him.

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In any case, once you have killed the enemy, you will have the green light, and you will be able to enter the room at the back, using the hole that he himself left in the wall. At this point, on the right side of the room, you can see the cabinet in which the shotgun is contained, thus making you understand that this is the Alan Wake 2 shotgun location.

alan wake 2 shotgun location

Alan Wake 2 shotgun code

Of course, things aren't always simple. Now that you have found the Alan Wake 2 shotgun location, your mission is certainly not over. In fact, to be able to open the cabinet, you will need a code. To find out what the Alan Wake 2 shotgun code is, all you have to do is read the note located right next to the padlock. In fact, it contains a clue that will allow you to decipher the code.

For a more direct solution, check with Lady Fortuna at the front desk, as that's where you'll find the code. Inspect the notepad located right next to the cash register, near the main entrance. Here you will discover that there are several combinations that have been used previously, namely: 705, 713, 717, and 723. In addition to finding an old telephone number and a lottery ticket, both are useful for deciphering the new Alan Wake 2 shotgun code.

On the lottery ticket, you can see the numbers 05 13 17 23 39 45. If you pay attention, you will see that each pair of digits corresponds to the second digits of the previous combinations, which means that by adding the number 7 in front, you will get the code you were looking for. Since, according to what you learned from the note, the last combination used is 723, you can deduce that the Alan Wake 2 shotgun code is 739. At this point, turn the dials on the padlock to make it read the combination from the top down, and you will finally have access to the Alan Wake 2 shotgun.

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alan wake 2 shotgun location

Alan Wake 2 Dark Place shotgun

Now that you know how to get the Alan Wake 2 shotgun as Saga, the time has come to know how to get it even when you play as Alan. The first thing to know is, in this case, that Alan will not have access to this type of weapon until you get to a fairly advanced stage of the game, so don't worry about acquiring this weapon as soon as you take on his role. However, the good news is that it's really easy to get.

Once you reach the Oceanview Hotel as part of the story, you will notice that there is a bar on the right as you reach the entrance. Before actually entering the hotel (which you can explore and which will allow you to find secondary things such as the Room 209 key), head to the bartender's area in the right corner. The Alan Wake 2 Dark Place shotgun is right here, but the door to enter is closed.

However, you won't have to rack your brains too much to open it. Use your Angel Lamp to turn on the light, and this will cause the door to open. Step inside and look at the Oceanview Cocktail drink found on the drink menu. At this point, turn off the light again to see the shotgun again. Take it together with everything you can collect in this room, use your Angel Lamp again to open the door, and continue with your adventure, confident in the fact that you have acquired a weapon that can certainly be useful to you.

alan wake 2 shotgun location

Alan Wake 2 Shotgun Location
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