Alan Wake 2 Crossbow Code: How to Get it

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Alan Wake 2 Crossbow Code: How to Get it

What's the Alan Wake 2 crossbow code? Although combat is not the main part of Alan Wake 2, the game still provides weapons that can be acquired and that can prove to be fundamental to overcoming certain parts of the game. One of these is, without a doubt, the crossbow. However, in order to obtain this weapon, as also happened in the case of the shotgun, it is necessary to have a code. For this reason, in this Alan Wake 2 crossbow code article, we will reveal how to do it and where to find the code to unlock this weapon which may be useful in certain circumstances.

Alan Wake 2 crossbow stash code

At the beginning of the chapter Return 3: Local Girl, you will take on the role of Saga, and you will have to deal with some locals before you can continue your adventure and head towards the forest. If you follow the path and go north, you will see the Coffee World Shop along your way, and you will come across a safe room in a cabin, which is located right near that area. Outside of this safe room, there is a cult chest that contains the crossbow inside, but you will not be able to open it because it will be closed, and you will need the Alan Wake 2 crossbow code to be able to open it.

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To obtain the code, all you have to do is explore the surrounding area in search of clues. First of all, look right on the right of the chest, as there is a shooting range where you can see numbered targets and a certain number of bolts that have been fired right on each target. This is a clue that you will need to decipher the code to open the chest where the Alan Wake 2 crossbow is located. Below is what you can learn by observing the shooting range.

  • Target #5: 1 bolt
  • Target #2: 2 bolts
  • Target #7: 3 bolts

Alan Wake 2 Crossbow Code

According to what is indicated above, therefore, the Alan Wake 2 crossbow code is 527. Now, all you have to do is enter the code to unlock the container and finally have access to the crossbow found inside. Furthermore, if you are also a fan of trophies and/or achievements, being able to obtain the code and acquire the crossbow will allow you to obtain the Greatest Hits trophy or achievement.

Ultimately, we can say that obtaining this weapon is actually not as difficult as you might think, even if you don't decide to rely on a guide, as the code to decipher is quite simple. Furthermore, for completeness of information, know that the crossbow is a weapon that may be useful to you, but at the same time it will occupy three slots in your inventory, so consider this aspect carefully too. However, its ammunition will occupy only one slot and can be grouped into a group of up to four per slot.

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Alan Wake 2 Crossbow Code

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