Will AFK Journey Release on Xbox and PS5?

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Will AFK Journey Release on Xbox and PS5?

This article answers whether the newest warm artstyle RPG title, AFK Journey, will launch on Xbox and PS5 consoles.

AFK Journey is the sequel to the mobile smash hit RPG title AFK Arena, and although the game is available on Android and iOS platforms and on PC, this article answers if the game would launch on Xbox and PS5 consoles in the near future. “You will play as the legendary mage Merlin and experience strategically tactical battles. It's time to dive into an unexplored world and embark on a journey to unlock a hidden mystery together with the heroes of Esperia.” reads the official synopsis for the game on the site.IMG 0441

Will AFK Journey Release on Xbox/PS5?

At the time of writing, we do not have any word from developer Farlight Games regarding a release date for the Xbox and PS5 platforms as of yet. However, the game turned out to be a massive success for Farlight Games, as it earned them $1.5million with multiple installs on Google.

While the release numbers and success of the game will be an important factor in the game being available on consoles, we still think that it is unlikely, for now, that the game will launch on Xbox and the PlayStation 5. We suggest players to keep their eyes peeled when  A wide release across all available platforms, aka console, and the Nintendo Switch will all depend on the revenue generated by the game.

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We will update this article upon receiving any information from the developers regarding a console launch for the game. Meanwhile, fans can download and install the new RPG sequel from Farlight Games on PC, and continue their progress on the go on iOS devices and Android.

AFK Journey is a soothing RPG that pulls you in with its warm art style, and while the game isn't graphically intensive, it's also available to play on Android and iOS devices.

While the predecessor was only available on handheld devices, the sequel launched on PC. However, we do not hvae any official word from the developer’s regarding the game launch on Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Xbox consoles.

AFK Journey was released on PC and mobile devices on March 27, 2024.

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