AFK Journey Redeem Codes May 2024: Complete List

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AFK Journey Redeem Codes May 2024: Complete List

This article contains the full list of AFK Journey redeem codes, and also how to redeem them to receive in-game gold, diamonds and rewards.

Updated: New compensation codes added with 10 x Invite Letters and another 11 x Invite Letter code

The article provides a complete list of redeem codes for the game AFK Journey, which can be used to obtain in-game Gold, Diamonds, and other rewards such as store discounts. Recently, new codes were added to celebrate a new patch release, including a significant code worth 500 diamonds. To redeem these codes, you must launch the game, head to the settings through your avatar icon, and enter the codes in the ‘Promo Code’ section under ‘Others’. The rewards will then be sent to your in-game mailbox. Expired codes are also listed.

AFK Journey Redeem Codes

  • AFKJourneyTT: 88 Diamonds, 16k Gold
  • AFKJourneyCreator: 200 Diamonds, 18k Gold
  • AFKJourneyPAX: 400 Diamonds, 40k Gold
  • AFKJN2024: 188 Diamonds, 18k Gold
  • AFKJourneyArt: 327 Diamonds, 16k Gold
  • AFKJourneyVG: 200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
  • AFKJourneyNOGLA: 200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
  • AFKJourneyCMK: 100 Diamonds, 18k Gold
  • AFKJourneyViva: 200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
  • AFKJourneyTGT: 200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
  • AFKJourneyCarbot: 200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
  • AFKJourney88: 100 Diamonds, 18k Gold
  • AFKJourneyPG0: 100 Diamonds, 18k Gold
  • AFKJourneyZanny: 100 Diamonds, 18k Gold
  • AFKJourneySqueezie: 200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
  • AFKJourneyMSA: 200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
  • AFKJourneyDE: 100 Diamonds, 18k Gold
  • AFKJourneyLGIO: 200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
  • AFKJourneyJianhao: 200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
  • AFKJourneyrug: 200 Diamonds, 20k Gold
  • AFKJourneyJoshDub: 100 Diamonds, 18k Gold
  • AFKJourneyPreston: 200 Diamond,  20k Gold
  • AFKJourneyHi: 100 Diamond, 18k Gold
  • AFKJourneyAlpharad: 100 Diamonds,  18k Gold
  • AFKJAPRIL20 – 100 Diamonds, 50k Gold
  • AFKJourneyLilyPax – 100 diamonds
  • AFKJourneyDishPax – 100 diamonds
  • AFKJourneyZekiaPax – 100 diamonds
  • PLUTOMALLEXTRA5% – 15% discount on a Dragon Crystal purchase.
  • AFKJUPDATE – 100 Diamonds, 20k Gold
  • AFKJCCPROGRAM – 100 Diamonds, 10k Gold
  • AFKJCREATIONFEST – 200 Diamonds. 50k Gold
  • AFKJVOLKIN – 100 Diamonds, 20k Gold
  • AFKJZEEEBO – 100 Diamonds, 20k Gold
  • AFKJMTASHED – 100 Diamonds, 20k Gold
  • AFKJBARRY – 100 Diamonds, 20k Gold
    AFKJNEWSEASON – 500 Diamonds, 50k Gold
    AFKJLILYPICHU – 300 Diamonds, 50k Gold
    AFKJLUDWIG – 300 Diamonds, 50k Gold
    AFKJRUBBERROSS – 300 Diamonds, 50k Gold
    LILITH11AFKJ – 11x Invite Letters
    hwidnabwbd – 10 x Invite Letters
    MARKIJOURNEY – 1000 Diamonds, 50k Gold

AFK Journey Expired Codes

Die by the Blade Tips and Tricks

How to Redeem AFK Journey Codes

  • Launch AFK Journey on your PC or mobile device.
  • Open the avatar icon located on the top-left side of your device. (you need to ifnish the tutorial to be able to access it)
  • Click on the Settings cogwheel, It should be located on the right side.
  • Click on Others.

image 1

  • Locate the Promo Code button from the ”Others” menu.

image 2

  • Enter the code in the ‘Tap to Enter’ space, and click on the Checkmark.
  • You will receive the rewards in your in-game mailbox.

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AFK Journey Redeem Codes May 2024: Complete List
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