Is There Romance Options In AFK Journey?

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Is There Romance Options In AFK Journey?

This article answers whether there are options to romance characters in AFK Journey.

AFK Journey is the sequel to the smash hit-RPG AFK Arena. While the predecessor was mobile only, the developers have brought this warm artstyle RPG to Microsoft Windows PC’s. 

AFK Journey allows you to play as the “legendary mage” named Merlin, and you face a variety of mystical characters throughout the game as you engage in tactical battles, and more.

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No, at the time of writing, the game doesn’t contain any options for you to allow your character to romance other NPCs. While there is still a lot of dialogue that allows you to interact with NPCS through the village and the map as you go, there are no options to romance them just yet.

However, the developers, as usual, have addressed this and listened to the community feedback on Reddit, and players can expect more ‘romance interaction with NPCs’ in future updates. The official AFK Journey developer account on Reddit stated, “Thank you for your suggestion to add romantic interaction with NPC characters. We will discuss it.”

However, with the developers preparing new content updates for the sequel to the smash hit mobile RPG, it is unlikely that we get to see a romance option added to the game in the coming months or anytime soon.

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But with the official developer account addressing player feedback about gives us a slight bit of hope about expecting an option to romance certain characters and if not, every NPC be added to AFK Journey.

While it remains to be seen what the developers will do with the game in the future seasons slated to be introduced, the addition of a romance option, will, in turn, boost player retention as it would add more content and interactions within the story, with the game being an RPG.

AFK Journey launched on March 27 and is available to play on PC, Android and iOS devices.

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