AFK Journey Characters Tier List – Who is The Best?

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AFK Journey Characters Tier List – Who is The Best?

Here is a look at our AFK Journey Characters Tier List.

AFK Journey took the internet by storm as soon as it was released. Multiple YouTubers have spoken about how good the game is. It came as no surprise that the game became an instant hit among fans. AFK Journey features all the RPG elements that gamers love and puts them in a magical world filled with beautifully designed environments. The game also shines with its roster of characters brandishing some amazing character artwork with breathtaking details.

The characters are more than just pretty models. Each character has a well-thought-out set of moves and abilities that makes them unique. The game has characters in 6 different factions and 6 different classes.

Update – List updated to include Florabella

Character Factions:

  • Wilder
  • Mauler
  • Lightbearer
  • Graveborn
  • Celestial
  • Hypogean

Character Classes:

  • Tank
  • Warrior
  • Marksman
  • Support
  • Mage
  • Rogue

AFK Journey Characters Tier List

AFK Journey Characters Tier List - Who is The Best?

The Tier List:

  • SS – Hewynn, Rowan, Vala, Odie, Thoran, Cecia, Reinier
  • S – Koko, Bryon, Granny Dahnie, Lyca, Eironn, Korin, Scarlita, Dionel, Antandra, Smokey & Meerky, Brutus, Carolina, Silvina, Viperian, Florabella
  • A – Arden, Temesia, Marilee, Valen, Seth, Shakir, Berial, Cassadee, Rhys, Niru, Igor
  • B – Walker, Lucius, Mirael
  • C – Parisa, Fay, Kruger, Satrana, Salazer
  • D – Kafra, Atalanta, Lumont
  • Unkown – Alsa and Soren

Since there are too many characters to cover, we will be looking at the SS tier in this article.

Some Notes on Some Characters

The SS tier defines the Meta of the game and is the best of the best. The S tier features characters that are must-haves for building a good team.

Hewynn – SS

AFK Journey Characters Tier List - Who is The Best?

Class: Support

Faction: Wilder

Hewynn is one of the best healers in the game, and for F2P players, she's going to be a life saver until you get Smokey. Her entire kit is based around healing her teammates whenever in a pinch. Her skills, Rain Prayer and Wound Healing, both offer healing for her team throughout a match. The skills refresh fast making her teammates virtually indestructible. Her skill, Revitalize, removes any debuffs her comrades may have.

Vala – SS

AFK Journey Characters Tier List - Who is The Best?

Class: Physical

Faction: Lightbearer

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Vela has quickly become one of the best characters in the game. Once she gets to Mythic+, she is able to easily solo DPS most Story and even Arena (PvP) encounters. In fact, we managed to use her in our comp to get us int other top 100 in Arena. Once you get to that level, however, she starts to get countered, so you might need to think of some new ideas.

Vela is great for PvE content, especially Story progress because she can massively bunch above her wait. Our comp to utilise her best is as follows: Lucius, Thoran, Rowan, Smokey, Vela. For some Crystal Defence maps we tend to swap out Rowan for more AOE as Vela can struggle when she gets overwhelmed with targets. Though, the Starsshard Artifact can fill this cap for you.

Rowan – SS

AFK Journey Characters Tier List - Who is The Best?

Class: Magic

Faction: Lightbearer

Rowan is a businessman who brings his stall of potions to the battlefield. He is also a healer whose potions can help recover his teammate’s health, energy and armor. Rowan uses Fatal Greed to recover energy for the team. This is done by showering coins on a tile which can be picked up to recover energy. His skill, Smart Stall, puts down potions on the battlefield at the start of a match. These can heal teammates once consumed and as Rowan levels up, the heal bonus gets better.

Aix Dance helps Rowan attack enemies for 150% damage and absorb their energy. His skill, Great Bargain, restores a potion user’s health by 60% and gives them a permanent armor buff against magic attacks.

Odie – SS

AFK Journey Characters Tier List - Who is The Best?

Class: Marksman

Faction: Mauler

Odie stands out as a great ranged DPS character in the game, boasting a range of qualities that contribute to his effectiveness. His ability to poison enemies and execute them with specialized weaponry particularly shines, proving invaluable in encounters. His ability, Corrosive Dart, does consistent damage to enemies as the dart can poison them upon getting a hit. Tripe Tap does a triple shot to a normal enemy.

However, the full potential of Odie is unlocked with his exclusive weapon, which grants him the capacity to deliver lethal blows. When Odie uses Venom Surge, his normal attacks enhance the power of his poison. Hero Focus upgrades his attack and speed while in battle making him a vicious fighter.

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Thoran – SS

AFK Journey Characters Tier List - Who is The Best?

Class: Physical

Faction: Graveborn

The Fallen King is the best tank in the game. He can take on large amounts of damage due to his high defense and make sure his team stays alive. Thoran’s Soul Retaliation does a ton of damage and the more damage he takes while charging the attack, the stronger it gets. Thoran’s Soul Plunder attacks the enemy with the highest health. Not only does it do damage but, it also drains his enemy's health. This drained health is added to Thoran’s Max health.

Thoran can also resurrect himself if he is killed in battle using his skill called Resurrection. Thoran can also use Soul Pact to absorb hits for a teammate.

Cecia – SS

AFK Journey Characters Tier List - Who is The Best?

Class: Physical

Faction: Graveborn

Cecia is a Marksman in AFK Journey who can control enemies and call forth a strong ally. She's great for making progress in the game. She deals constant damage and using Queen’s Summon, she summons a tough golem, Mr. Carlyle, who disrupts enemy teams. This golem becomes a tough tank, which is super helpful for new players who need a strong defender. When Mr. Carlyle’s Health is above 70%, he initiates Spiky Wrath at regular intervals to entangle enemies within 2 tiles, immobilizing them and dealing 80% damage per second for 2s. Spiky Wrath can be triggered once every 6s.

If Mr. Carlyle is already on the battlefield, the skill restores his Health to Max and resets the cooldown of Spiky Wrath. Ceia can further strengthen Mr. Carlyle by using Earth’s Offering to enhance his Attack Speed.

Thorned Cluster gives both her and Mr. Carlyl penetration which can be used to break through enemy armor. Finally, Trial of Thorns allows Cecia to entangle an enemy with Reinforced Thorns, dealing 65% damage every second and immobilizing the target for 4s. Cecia absorbs Armor and Magic Resist for 1.5% every second from the entangled target by Reinforced Thorns. 

Florabella – S

Florabelle AFK Journey

Class: Physical

Faction: Wilder

Florabella was the first Character to join the game post-release, and while some of the early numbers had her looking a little weak, she comes into her own. While she will likely take up the same spot as Cecia, a Character everyone will likely have at a much higher level. Florabella still offers a powerful punch for pushing story content.

AFK Journey Characters Tier List – Who is The Best?
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