All AFK Journey Skins: How to Unlock Them

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All AFK Journey Skins: How to Unlock Them

In AFK Journey, you will have the opportunity to take on the role of many different characters, each with their own characteristics and peculiarities. But in addition to this, there are also the AFK Journey skins which serve to give an extra touch to the characters that are present in the game.

In this article, therefore, we will provide you with a complete list of all the AFK Journey skins that you can unlock during your adventure and what you need to do to do so. Some will be simpler and linked to completing the story, while others will require other solutions to be added to your inventory.

NB: This article is constantly updated as we unlock new skins.

All AFK Journey Skins

In AFK Journey there are many characters that can make up your team but, at least for the moment, it seems that not all of them are equipped with skins different from the initial ones. However, below, we've rounded up the characters and skins we've been able to unlock so far.

Vala – Thorny Rose

There are two different forms for this skin, although they are unlocked at the same time and in the same way. In order to unlock this skin, you must reach VIP Level 11.

AFK Journey 1.1.14 Patch Notes

afk journey skins

Fay – Radiant Star

To get this skin, you will have to claim the Journey's Gift Day 4 reward.

afk journey skins

Parisa – Creek Vines

Unlocked by completing the Exper Dueler.

afk journey skins

Mirael – Scarlet Vow

Purchased in the cosmetic store for $20.

afk journey skins

Eironn – Sword of Misarte

Unlocked via the story.

afk journey skins

Brrutus – Ravaging Cleave

Unlocks when you complete the Ashen Waste story content.

Ravaging Cleave Brrutus Skin

Player's Character

Finally, it's worth mentioning that you can get some sort of skins for your character too. In reality, these are not real skins, but more like new clothes that you can decide to use to change the appearance of your character. At least for the moment, therefore, don't expect to be able to use skins like the ones we showed you above for your character too.

All AFK Journey Skins: How to Unlock Them
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