AFK Journey Beginner’s Guide

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AFK Journey Beginner’s Guide

AFK Journey may not be a very simple game to understand and approach if you have never had experience playing games like this. For this reason, an AFK Journey beginner's guide is certainly a good starting point for all those who have decided to embark on this path.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about AFK Journey: how the game works, what the characters are, the artifacts that are present in the game, the bosses to face, and much more. If you are at the beginning of your adventure, reading this guide will certainly be very useful for you to focus on what the game is and what you will have to do to continue.

AFK Journey Beginner's Guide

There are several aspects to consider in AFK Journey, but before going into the specifics of each of them, it is important to understand what type of game it is. AFK Journey is a “top-down open-world auto-chess-style gacha game”, in which you will have the opportunity to play different characters and compose a team that suits the various situations that are present in the game.

There are three different modes you can play (story mode, Dream Realm mode, and PVP mode), each with its own characteristics. You will have to face bosses of various kinds and you also have the possibility of using artifacts, which can certainly make your life in the game much easier than it is. If you are interested in this genre of games, AFK Journey is a good example that has had huge success lately.


Now that we have explained to you in general terms what the game is and what you will have to do, it is time to go more specifically into the various aspects so that you can have a more comprehensive understanding. The first thing we want to focus on are the characters of AFK Journey. Let's see together what they are and what their characteristics are.

  • Antandra
  • Arden
  • Atalanta
  • Berial
  • Brutus
  • Bryon
  • Carolina
  • Cassadee
  • Cecia
  • Damian
  • Dionel
  • Eironn
  • Fay
  • Granny Dahnie
  • Hewynn
  • Igor
  • Kafra
  • Koko
  • Korin
  • Kruger
  • Lucius
  • Lumont
  • Lyca
  • Marilee
  • Mirael
  • Niru
  • Odie
  • Parisa
  • Reinier
  • Rhys
  • Rowan
  • Salazer
  • Satrana
  • Scarlita
  • Seth
  • Shakir
  • Silvina
  • Smokey & Merrkly
  • Temesia
  • Thoran
  • Vala
  • Valen
  • Viperian
  • Walker

Characters in AFK Journey can belong to six different factions (Maulers, Lightbearers, Wilders, Graveborn, Celestial, and Hypogean) and six different classes (Mage, Marksman, Rogue, Support, Tank, and Warrior). Furthermore, as if that wasn't enough, the characters are also divided into two levels, namely A-Level (easier to obtain) and S-Level (they cost more).

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Each of these characters has three skills available that will automatically increase their level as you play. Once you reach the Legendary+ level, you will be able to unlock Hero Focus, which gives a bonus to one of their statistics. At Mythic+ level, Exclusive Weapon is unlocked, which gives a new passive skill. While at the Supreme+ level, Skill Enhancement is unlocked, which gives additional effects to one of the skills.

AFK Journey

Game Modes

In AFK Journey, there are many modes available to choose from. For this reason, if you are confused about what each mode does, in this article, we will give you some general information about each of them.

Story Mode

In this game, instead of moving through different levels like in AFK Arena, the main story is now set in an open world. You can explore it freely, complete tasks, fight enemies, discover treasure, collect materials, and solve puzzles. The world is divided into sections and chapters, and you need to finish tasks in each section to move forward in the game.

AFK Stages

AFK Stages are battles against stronger and stronger enemies. To access other parts of the game, you need to reach specific stages in this mode. Your rewards while you're not actively playing depend on how far you've gotten in these stages. It's a good idea to keep pushing forward as much as possible. Luckily, there's an auto-challenge feature that lets you automatically move on to the next stage after winning the current one. This saves you from having to constantly press buttons for hours if your team is strong enough.

Dream Realm

In Dream Realm, you fight against bosses and try to deal the most damage among all players on your server. There are 4 bosses, and they change every day. The more damage you deal to a boss, the higher your score and the better rewards you get at the end of the day. Each boss has 6 difficulties. When you defeat a boss on one difficulty, you move to the next, which is harder but gives more points and better rewards. The first time you defeat a boss on any difficulty, you get Invite Letters as rewards. When a boss returns in the next cycle, you start at the highest difficulty you've reached before.

Honor Duel

In Honor Duel, you can battle other players in a fair PvP mode. You don't use your own heroes, but the ones provided by the game through a special card/shop system. When creating your team, it's important to think about how your heroes work together and who they're strong against. Both players place their heroes on the battlefield in waves, so you can see what your opponent is doing and plan accordingly.

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AFK Journey


The Arena is a PVP mode where you battle using your own heroes against teams set up by other players. When you win a fight, you get rank points, but you lose them if you lose a fight. As you earn points, you move up in the League system, starting from Novice and going up to Champion. The higher your league, the better rewards you get each day and week.

Arcane Labyrinth

The Labyrinth returns in AFK Journey, but they've made some improvements. Now, the gameplay is a bit different. When you enter a room, you choose between two other rooms. Each room has an enemy inside, and beating them gives you a reward.

Battle Drills

Battle Drills is a competition for Guilds only. The aim is to move through a map full of monsters. You start by defeating scouts and camps, then move on to bosses. Along the way, you can collect buffs from strongholds to make your heroes stronger, helping you advance further into enemy territory.

Legend Trial

Legend Trial is just the Factional Tower system from AFK Arena with a new name. There are different trials available, depending on the day of the week. You can get Acorns, Essence, and materials for Ascending Artifacts from here.

Primal Lord

Primal Lords are big boss monsters that appear on the map. Everyone on the server needs to team up to beat them. The quicker you defeat them, the better rewards everyone gets. This happens regularly, so different Primal Bosses will appear on the map from time to time.

Trial of Abyss

Once you finish the main story campaign and clear all 1125 AFK Stages, and the server is at least 28 days old, you can unlock the Trial of Abyss. It's like a dungeon where you have to descend and defeat a team guarding each floor.


Artifacts are a very useful tool that will certainly allow you to have advantages during your adventure in AFK Journey. The structure of these items has been changed compared to the past and now they are no longer linked to the characters but can be selected regardless of who your hero is. Let's see together what they are.

  • Confining Spell
  • Starshard Spell
  • Enlightening Spell
  • Awakening Spell
  • Blazing Spell
  • Ironwall Spell
AFK Journey Beginner’s Guide
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