AFK Journey Dream Realm Guide & Formations

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AFK Journey Dream Realm Guide & Formations

This AFK Journey Dream Realm guide will show you how to complete this challenge, as well as other things. Keep reading to find out more.

People are hyped about AFK Journey because it is one of the hottest titles of 2024 so far. There are a lot of things you can do to increase your effectiveness, and you can also complete different challenges. One of them is called Dream Realm, and this is a daily boss that you can fight every single day.

The reason why we have decided to create a full AFK Journey Dream Realm guide is that we wanted to show you how to overcome this challenge. Once you defeat a specific boss, you will be able to challenge the next one.  The best thing is that you get 10 chances per day to defeat that boss and get specific rewards. 

With that said, here is what else you should know about this AFK Journey option.

AFK Journey Dream Realm Guide 

To access Dream Realm in AFK Journey, you must go to the EverLight screen. The idea behind Dream Realm is to challenge different bosses in a special rush mode, where the goal is to do as much damage to the bosses as possible. The exciting part is that you will be competing against other players in the specific server.

In order to succeed in the AFK Journey Dream Realm, you must do as much damage as possible, which will reflect on your score. The latter is important for the rewards you get, which can be divided into two:

  • Damage Deal Rewards
  • Ranking Rewards

The first group of prizes will depend entirely on the boss's HP. You will receive Dream Fragments and Diamonds, as well as special boxes that contain Character Equipment. 

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In terms of the Ranking Rewards, those things will be based on the daily rank and will include Tidal Essence, Dream Fragments, and Temporal Essence. Furthermore, players can get titles and fashion items, but they are not available all the time.

Once you defeat one of the bosses, you will have access to the next. This will increase the challenge, as well as the rewards you can get. Speaking of the difficulties, there are six of them in total, and the last one is called “Endless Mode”.

Something interesting we found out while completing this AFK Journey Dream Realm guide is that the first victory against a specific boss will grant you an Invite Letter. The latter will allow you to “save” the difficulty you’ve reached with the specific boss when it’s time to meet him again. This saves you a lot of time because there is no need to repeat the entire process again.

AFK Journey Dream Realm Rules

Besides everything mentioned so far, there are a few other things you need to know. Once you start playing, you will have 5 attempts for the given today to face these bosses. With that said, people who get the Mythic Collection will have even more tries.

As mentioned, the bosses will change daily, and each one will have different difficulties and will become harder to beat as they go on. Each difficulty provides specific rewards, and you can get yours after defeating the boss. Usually, AFK Journey “releases” its rewards around 0:00 UTC.

If you are lucky enough to reach the Endless Mode, you will have to prepare yourself for a tough battle. Here, the boss won’t die, so you must do as much damage as possible because this will put you on the leaderboard. As for the difficulty level, you can unlock Endless Mode after defeating a given boss on all difficult levels.

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The higher the rank, the higher the reward. Some of the more exceptional players can also get different kind of cosmetic items that they can wear for the next 7 days.

Dream Realm AFK Journey Bosses & Lineups

In terms of the formation, you have to prepare to defeat the bosses. The lineup is a bit different, depending on who you are facing.

  • King Croaker

For King Croaker, our tests have proven that Thoran is the best tank you can have here. He has to be accompanied by Odie, Kruger, Marilee, Meerky, or Smokey.

  • Necrodrakon

This is another fight that requires you to have a specific lineup to be successful. Kruger is a good option here, but we can also add Korin, Vala, Temesia, and Marilee. 

  • Snow Stomper

Our AFK Journey Dream Realm Guide shows that the best lineup you can have for this boss fight includes Marilee, Odie, Rhys, Thoran, and Kruger.

  • Skyclops

Scyclops is an interesting matchup, but judging from our experience, he is not that hard to beat. We have defeated him using Kruger, Odie, Cassadee, Marilee, and Smokey. As mentioned, these bosses rotate every day, so you need to know how to defeat each one. They also have different skills and mechanics, so you should have an individual approach to each one in order to win.


This is everything you need to know from our AFK Journey Dream Realm guide. We will keep an eye on everything and will update it when needed. Make sure you follow us for more information.

AFK Journey Dream Realm Guide & Formations
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