AFK Journey Best Premium Things to Buy

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AFK Journey Best Premium Things to Buy

If you are wondering which are the best premium things to buy in AFK Journey before spending your cash, here is what you should know.

AFK Journey arrived a couple of days ago, and it quickly became one of the hottest games around. Needless to say, players are more than interested in getting their hands on everything possible so they can get a higher rank. One of the ways of doing this is by taking advantage of the numerous monetization options and getting the items you want.

Speaking of the devil, knowing the AFK Journey best premium things to buy can make a huge difference. Some items are a lot more cost-efficient than others, so let’s learn more about them.

AFK Journey Best Premium Things to Buy

Depending on when you are reading this article, there is a good chance you will find all sorts of things you can buy. Some offer better value, so here is what you can pick.

Pop-Up Pack

One of the first things you will come across once you start playing AFK Journey is the first pop-up pack, which will give you 10 Epic Invite Letters. What’s really interesting is that you can get all of that for just $1.

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Besides the good price, you can also unlock the first top-up, which will allow you to use Rowan. The latter is one of the better supports in AFK Journey right now and he can work in all stages of the game.

Growth Bundle

There are a couple of different bundles in AFK Journey that deserve some attention, one of which is the Growth Bundle. This is an option that becomes available once you get the Noble Path and Esperia Monthly. What’s interesting about the Growth Bundle is that it lets you get different kinds of A and S-level units. With that said, the only way to take full advantage of this bundle is to get it when you have progressed in the game. That’s because the rewards you will get will be based on your progression.

Another specific thing about the Growth Bundle in AFK Journey is that you can find it all the time. Unlike some of the options you are about to see, this Bundle is not time-sensitive, so you should be able to get it whenever you want to.

Noble Path

When talking about the AFK Journey best premium things to buy, we need to address the Noble Path. This item is very different from the rest because it’s basically a Battle Pass that allows you to increase your game progression.

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If we analyze the options you can get from the Noble Path, you can see that there are all sorts of deals. They will allow you to increase your game progress and get a lot of different resources.

Most people get this items after the Esperia Monhtly propositions (more about them in a bit), but you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. 

Esperia Monthly

The last of the AFK Journey best premium things to buy is the Esperia Monthly. Our team has analyzed this option, and it has become clear that the return value of the item is pretty impressive. You will also get a lot of different sources that you need to succeed.

What’s specific about the Esperia Monhtly item, as it suggests, is that you can only use it for one month. Some people may not like that, but if you are looking for an item that you can use and you plan on playing a lot, this is one of the best items you can get.


These are some of the AFK Journey Best Premium Things you can buy right now, but it does not mean there won’t be any options in the future. We expect to see a lot of limited-time deals and additional perks in the future, so make sure to follow us for more information. 

AFK Journey Best Premium Things to Buy
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