Across the Country, Esports Continue to Grow in Popularity

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Across the Country, Esports Continue to Grow in Popularity

Esports are dominating the entertainment in the COVID-19 world.

Quarantine has kept a lot of people inside for days on end. For some, it seems like life has become a blurred vision of what it once was, just with smaller gas prices, more face masks, and the unbearably important virtue of washing your hands.

Now more than ever, the world is starting to plan for change. What exactly does the future hold and what is to come after all of this pandemic? Even now, people are taking note of the esports world and the future possibilities it could bring benefit for future generations. After all, the esports market is projected to achieve over a billion dollars this year.

Changing The Game

Fox Sports has begun to broadcast different esports events on their channel, and ESPN has been able to pull in fairly good ratings amongst the Coronavirus panic with their NBA 2K player tournament.

The National Hockey League (NHL) has also decided to move forward in a similar type of streaming for fans of the game. The League will officially start to begin broadcasting an NHL 20 tournament, in the same type of way that ESPN has done with 2K. Celebrity hockey stars take each other on and try their best not to embarrass themselves live on television. Pretty entertaining stuff.

So far, thirty to players have been revealed for these games. The esports events themselves are sponsored by Honda.

New Coach For New Team

On an academic level, St. Mary’s University just recently announced its first coach for their inaugural esports season. Despite all odds, Kaitlin Teniente will begin to assemble her first squad of gamers for St. Mary’s post-COVID esports future.

It is refreshing to see so much interest in esports as the world has seemingly blown up into chaotic news fodder, disease, and an unexpected rise in recommended Clorox usage. Hopefully, things will get back to normal very soon.

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