AC Mirage Scaffolding – Smash 20 Scaffolds for Trophy

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AC Mirage Scaffolding – Smash 20 Scaffolds for Trophy

How can you complete the Gifted Escapist AC Mirage trophy? This is one of the trickier ones, but once you know where all the AC Mirage scaffolding is you can get it done pretty simply.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage has quite a few different trophies which can give players a bit of a struggle. It can be trickier than some of the others here. Kind of the like environmental kill Assassination in the game, this is another challenge that sees you interacting with the world around you. If you want to master all of the achievements in the game, you’ll need to figure out where the AC Mirage scaffolding is and how you can knock it down.

Assassin’s Creed tasks payers with taking out players in some more unique ways. You can use the world around you to damage people. However, for some of the trophies damaging targets isn’t even necessary. You can just be satisfied with knocking down AC Mirage scaffolding just for the fun of it.

The Gifted Escapist AC Mirage trophy has some key strategies to get it done quickly. These kinds of trophies are trickier since it rely on you to build up a count of scaffolding demolished. You’ll want to start by heading over to one of the better spots for this Trophy though. There are a few better areas you can go to for a quick competition. Plus, doing this near a viewpoint is a nice way to get them to reset so you can get it over with quickly. You’ll knock down scaffolding, so spots with quite a few of them contained in one spot are the best places to start.


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What is the Gifted Escapist AC Mirage Trophy?

AC Mirage Scaffolding - Gifted Escapist AC Mirage

AC Mirage has quite a few trophies which reward you for completing tasks in-game. These are as varied as gameplay is, but the Gifted Escape AC Mirage trophy is one of the trickier ones. You’ll have to go a little outside of normal gameplay to get this one done unless you get lucky. You’re going to need to take down 20 different scaffolding structures.

This will finish off the trophy. You can try to collect 20 knocked down scaffolds over the course of playing through the game. However, if you want to try and get the Ac Mirage Scaffolding knocked down in a clean swoop, there’s a decent strategy to finish everything quickly.

Finding the AC Mirage Scaffolding

AC Mirage Scaffolding - Gifted Escapist AC Mirage

AC Mirage Scaffolding is found in quite a few key pieces on the map. If you’re looking for the best place to make a start on the Gifted Escapist AC Mirage trophy, a good starting place is the Excavation Site. This is a spot where you can find three different scaffolding structures. Each counts for the trophy, and they reset!

All of them are together in one spot. Since this trophy requires players to get 20 knocked down, you can get it done here in around 7 tries. This area isn’t just here for the trophy though.

This spot on the map is largely dedicated to the Find the Missing Brother quest, as part of the Ahmad ibn Musa investigation. You’ll be better served by finishing off story quests here first. This then gives you some freedom in the area. It isn’t a spot you’ll find tons of the AC Mirage easter eggs but it is important for this trophy.

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There are some other good spots for scaffolding. There are two in the Upper Harbour of Harbiyah, some south of Prince’s Palace (which don’t respawn), some in the Damascus Gate, and more. The Excavation Site is probably the strongest pick for these though.

How to Knock Down the AC Mirage Scaffolding

AC Mirage Scaffolding - Gifted Escapist AC Mirage

If you want to knock down all of the AC Mirage scaffolding, there’s a simple loop to get it done. Head over to your chosen spot for scaffolding, and knock it down. That’s easy enough. How do you get it to reset though? Head back over to a viewpoint using the fast travel. Once there, you can walk back over to the scaffolding. Then knock it down again. Knocking it down this way will allow you to get through all 20 for the Gifted Escapist AC Mirage trophy pretty quickly. You can just keep fast travelling and then moving back over to get all of the required AC Mirage scaffolding finished up.

Get the scaffolding knocked down through this cycle and you’ll complete the achievement. Quite a few of the AC Mirage trophies come from just finishing off parts of the main quest or contracts. There isn’t an AC Mirage Multiplayer, so it shouldn’t be too hard for players to get all of them just from cycling through gameplay. The AC Mirage Gifted Escapist trophy will need a tiny bit of grinding, but it isn’t the most difficult one to finish once you know the proper strategy.

AC Mirage Scaffolding – Smash 20 Scaffolds for Trophy
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