AC Mirage Environmental Kill Guide – Complete Traitor Quest

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AC Mirage Environmental Kill Guide – Complete Traitor Quest

How do you pull off the AC Mirage environmental kill? It’s a tricky part of a contract, the AC Mirage the Traitor quest. This is how you pull it off quickly and easily.

AC Mirage has loads of fun quests to jump into. There’s the main story but also a good amount of side content, one of the most fun parts of this is the AC Mirage environmental kill. This is a part of a contractor quest. Essentially you actually using your assassin skills out in the field! Beyond just sticking a knife in someone, you’re actually going to need to use the world around you to take them down.

The AC Mirage environmental kill quest is one of the more interesting. Assassin’s Creed Mirage brings the series back to its more assassin-based roots. A good part of how it’s got such good reviews.

A big part of that is learning to use the environment to take out some targets and avoid attention. Compared to the brasher combat we’ve seen in more recent outings, this is a fun return to what made the series so special. The environmental kill AC Mirage quest can be tricky though. If you want to get the Contract Mission done and get the rewards, this is what you need to know.

AC Mirage the Traitor Contract Mission

The Environmental Kill AC Mirage contract is one you’ll find a short while into the game. The set-up for the contract is that a perfume trader has been exposed as a traitor. You’re tasked with taking them out.

However, there’s been a special request for you to do without drawing too much attention. You’ll need to find where they’re hiding and figure out a way to kill them without giving yourself away. How can you get this done? We’ll start with how to get the AC Mirage the Traitor quest going in the first place.

Get Started with the Quest

The Traitor quest is a basic contract questline. You can get it started in the same way as most of the other contracts. You need to accept it from the contract board located in the Hidden One Bureau.

All the details are in this contract, including that the contractor has asked specifically for an Environmental Kill. AC Mirage has the means for you to do environmental kills, but it’s going to take a bit more focus than your standard assassinations.

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AC Mirage Environmental Kill

There are some prerequisites for starting off the contract in the first place before you can worry about getting environmental kills in AC Mirage. You’ll need to progress to that particular point in the main quest. Specifically, getting up to the “Zeroing In” questline.

After that, the next time you head to Harblyah Burea, you’ll finally get the contract board unlocked. You’ll also need to finish the Perfume Trader contract to get it unlocked on the board.

Once you’re into the questline, there are just a few steps for getting the AC Mirage environmental kill and taking this traitor out.

AC Mirage the Traitor Quest

The start of the questline sees you heading into a restricted area, the Soap Boiler’s District in Round City. As a restricted spot, keep an eye on people in the area and check everything out from the rooftops before you get going.

There are a few things you’ll need to do to prep for the mission. We can start by taking out the guards. Which method you go for really just depends on preference. If you have an advantage with a passive effect from Assassin’s Creed Mirage outfits it makes sense to use it. Or just whichever way you find the most fun.

In addition to the main guards, there’s one who will be a lot of trouble. There a guard here who uses fire as a weapon. He especially needs taking out. Once you start your mission, he could set off explosives which will definitely get in the way.

With the area set up for a successful contract, we can get started with the Traitor quest proper and get the AC Mirage environmental kill

Find the Traitor

AC Mirage Environmental Kill

The next step to getting the environmental kill in AC Mirage, is to actually find the Traitor. He’s located in the north-west area of here. It’s a small storehouse which you can find using your Eagle Vision. You’ll be able to see the area with an orange highlight. This will make it much easier to track them down.

Get Them into the Open to Pull Off AC Mirage Environmental Mirage

AC Mirage Environmental Kill

To get the AC Mirage Environmental Kill, you need the Traitor out of the storehouse. To do this, you first have to kill off the guard that’s talking to the Traitor. Then, lure the target himself out. The best spot to get to him is the open area with the fire pots. It’s the best spot for the AC Mirage the Traitor contract. If you want the kill to go down right, you should ideally get him right by the pots.

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You have two options for this stage. Either get him in front of the pots and try to take them out, or immobilize him there. If you want to play it safer, wait till he comes by the red pots.

Then use a blowdart which will put him to sleep. However, there is a catch. You can’t move him once asleep, so make sure he’s near the pots when he falls asleep to get it lined up right.

Perform the Environmental Kill AC Mirage

With the Traitor stationed right by the red pots, there is only one thing left to do. Pull out a throwing dart, and toss it into the red pots. When it is struck, it should explode taking out the target. This will kill the target for the AC Mirage the Traitor contract using the environment. Essentially bumping him off without anyone being any the wiser about what’s happened.

The AC Mirage environmental Kill task is a great quest for pushing players to utilize some of the more subtle parts of combat.  Getting out is simple. Just make use of some of the different movements available.

AC Mirage Environmental Kill

Rewards for AC Mirage Environmental Kill Rewards

The Traitor AC Mirage quest is simpler than it sounds at first especially once you’ve tracked down those fire barrels that’ll prove so useful in the contract. However, what’s the reward for getting it done? There are a few for complete it even without getting the AC Mirage environmental kill.

  • 2 Merchant Favor Tokens
  • 45 Components
  • Rostam Outfit Schematic

If you can get the contractor request done as well as the basic assassination, there are a few more rewards here too for getting the environmental kill AC Mirage has. This is what you’ll get.

  • 2 Merchant Favor Tokens
  • 65 Dirham

The AC Mirage Environmental Kill questline is up there in terms of getting players to embrace more creative ways to take people out. These rewards are a real bonus for getting the simple AC Mirage the Traitor quest down too.

If you haven’t been using too many AC Mirage combat options outside of just sticking the blade in, then this is a great way to expand your horizons a little bit. With AC Mirage DLC we could see even more new types of kills come in too.

AC Mirage Environmental Kill Guide – Complete Traitor Quest
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