A Guide To Rebuilding The Mine Hoist In Return To Moria

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A Guide To Rebuilding The Mine Hoist In Return To Moria

If you’re facing difficulties in rebuilding the mine hoist in Return to Moria, we’ve got the solution for you! Check out our guide to access the Lower Deeps in no time

The mine hoist is a vital piece of equipment in Return to Moria. It is used to transport materials and players between the surface and the depths of the mine. Without the mine hoist, it would be impossible to access the deeper levels of the mine, where valuable resources are located.

To complete this quest and restore the mine hoist to its former glory, you'll need to locate the Crystal Descent and bring the necessary building resources. So today we will discuss where to discover the Crystal Descent and where to locate all the resources needed to repair the mine hoist and gain access to the Lower Deeps.

Finding The Crystal Descent

The Crystal Descent is located in one of the rooms in the Mines of Moria, but since the map is randomly generated, its exact location cannot be determined beforehand. To find it, you will need to explore the surrounding rooms until you find a room with a large hole in the middle and a broken lift next to it.

The Crystal Descent is a large, circular structure made of crystal. It is surrounded by a moat of water, and there is a bridge leading to it. The bridge is guarded by a group of goblins, so you will need to defeat them before you can cross the bridge and access the Crystal Descent.

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Once you have defeated the goblins, you can cross the bridge and enter the Crystal Descent. Inside, you will find a control panel that you can use to activate the lift. When you activate the lift, it will descend into the Lower Deeps.

The Lower Deeps are a dangerous area, so it is important to be prepared before you descend. Make sure you have plenty of weapons, armor, and healing potions. You should also be aware of the dangers that await you in the Lower Deeps, such as monsters, traps, and other hazards.

After completing this quest, you will need to gather the necessary resources to repair the lift. The materials required for the repair can be found in different locations throughout the Mines of Moria. To find all the resources needed to repair the lift and gain access to the Lower Deeps.

Resources Needed for Rebuilding The Mine Hoist in Return to Moria

Before venturing into the Crystal Descent, ensure you have a substantial supply of Wood Scraps and Natural Fiber, as you'll need to construct numerous structures to navigate the depths. Take the time to explore the area and repair a broken Mapstone, enabling easy return to this location.

A Guide To Rebuilding The Mine Hoist In Return To Moria

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Upon reaching the Lower Deeps, gather Ubasam Wood and Ironwood from mushrooms to craft powerful pickaxes and mine valuable ores.With these essential materials in hand, you'll be well-equipped to repair the mine hoist and embark on your journey into the depths of the Lower Deeps in Return to Moria.

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To repair the mine hoist and access the Lower Deeps, you'll need to gather the following resources:

  • 15x Black Diamonds: These can be obtained by looting Orkish Chests found in various locations throughout the Mines of Moria. Additionally, killing Orcs and Goblins has a chance of dropping Black Diamonds, and mining Precious Stones in the Lower Deeps can also yield them.
  • 20x Elven Wood: This vital resource is primarily found in The Elven Quarter within the Western Halls. Explore this area and chop down the trees to gather Elven Wood.
  • 30x Natural Fiber: This material can be acquired in two ways: by looting from structures and later, through defeating Cave Spiders lurking in the Lower Deeps.

Known Bugs

A persistent bug in Return to Moria halts the progress of the quest after rebuilding the mine hoist, hindering players from continuing the narrative. Unfortunately, many users were grappling with this issue since there’s no workaround to bypass it. However, the new patch 1.0.2 seems to have fixed this issue.

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To sum up, the quest to rebuild the mine hoist in Return to Moria is a crucial step in progressing through the narrative. To complete this quest, you must first locate the Crystal Descent. Once inside, you will discover a control panel that activates the lift, allowing them to descend into the depths of the Lower Deeps.

A Guide To Rebuilding The Mine Hoist In Return To Moria
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