2023 LCS Spring Split Week 3 Day 2: FlyQuest Continue Their Unbeaten Streak

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2023 LCS Spring Split Week 3 Day 2: FlyQuest Continue Their Unbeaten Streak

Another 2-0 week for FlyQuest as the 18-0 dream stays alive for another week.

If you are a fan of narratives in sports competitions, you came to the right place as today had no shortage of them in the first three games. The day started out with a clash of egos in the bot lane where the greatest LCS ADC faced the most hyper ADC prospect who came into the league, maybe ever. Not to mention Spica against his former TSM teammates. We then got the classic TSM vs CLG, a matchup that always delivers even when both teams are struggling. To end the three-game streak, last year’s two Split winners met on the Rift.

Also, a big milestone was hit today by huhi. Golden Guardians support secured his 3028th career assist in the league against Immortals, and moved to fifth place in the LCS’s all-time assist leaderboard.

100T vs FLY

A bloody start to the game as teams traded kills early on, two in the top lane for 100T and two for FLY in the bottom lane. Thanks to neither team being able to cleanly win early fights, gold remained relatively even, but FLY had the advantage of stacking the drakes. Despite the even game state, FLY kept pushing for fights and 100T was happy to oblige. Unfortunately for the Thieves, Prince ended up with too many kills in these fights.

The game almost ended in 25 minutes, but 100T managed to hold on thanks to a heroic defense from Tenacity, and an overzealous dive from FLY. They even secured a Baron and had the chance to maybe delay the game, but one more great engage from FLY led to an ace and another 2-0 week.

  • Teams: 100T 0 – 1 FLY
  • Time: 30:44
  • Kills: 11 – 25
  • Turrets: 3 – 8
  • Gold: 53.1k – 60.1k
  • Dragons: 1 – 3
  • Barons: 1 – 1
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The fiesta started very early, and thanks to the Elise on the Rift the name of the game was tower dives. TSM botched the top side dive on their first try, but they came back with the Herald and exploded the early game gold lead in their favor. With TSM’s early kills going to Sion, they were able to start forcing objectives with their tanky frontline. TSM also did a good job of snowballing their lead by stacking the drakes and getting kills on overextended CLG members. CLG put up a valiant defense, especially at their base, but the second unkillable Sion in two days and the very fed top side of TSM was too much to handle in the end as CLG fell after a great Baron bait by TSM.

  • Teams: TSM 1 – 0 CLG
  • Time: 32:53
  • Kills: 22 – 9
  • Turrets: 10 – 4
  • Gold: 63.7k – 55.6k
  • Dragons: 4 – 1
  • Barons: 1 – 0

EG vs C9

A bit of a change of pace compared to the previous two games as not too much happened during the early game. Both teams were content on farming up and trading objectives with only one or two early ganks which didn’t result in any kills. EG had a small gold lead throughout the early game, but C9 was the team with the drakes. The first blood came for EG at the 20-minute mark during the third drake fight, where they also were able to delay the Soul point for C9. With C9 very hesitant to engage, the game continued without too many kills, and EG took the Ocean Soul and three Barons without too much resistance. C9 had one last-ditch effort in their base, but it was too late at that point, and EG managed to close out the game.

  • Teams: EG 1 – 0 C9
  • Time: 38:44
  • Kills: 10 – 4
  • Turrets: 10 – 2
  • Gold: 73.3k – 58.7k
  • Dragons: 4 – 2
  • Barons: 3 – 0
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Back to early ganks after a brief break as Santorin and Jensen found the level 3 first blood. The early game was still TL favored thanks to their bot lane advantage after a great dive. DIG threw their top side lead after the first Herald fight went wrong and a badly executed top lane dive, all the while Yeon pushed his own further and further. DIG got some kills back on their Jax, but it wasn’t enough to give them a way back into the game. With the team comp difference also on TL’s side, they were able to push the tempo and get the fastest victory of the split so far.

  • Teams: DIG 0 – 1 TL
  • Time: 24:06
  • Kills: 6 – 16
  • Turrets: 2 – 10
  • Gold: 39k – 50.2k
  • Dragons: 0 – 3
  • Barons: 0 – 1


A jungle masterclass from River as the veteran jungler dominated the early game for his team by finding dives at both sides of the map and securing all early objectives. GG did a very good job of getting their Kalista ahead and playing around her by stacking drakes. They continued pushing their lead as they found a kill on a side laning Ablazeolive and securing a Baron. The Baron siege increased their gold lead massively and allowed them to have a good drake set-up, and they took the Chemtech Soul. After the Soul, IMT had no chance left to contest GG as the Guardians closed out both the game and a 2-0 week.

  • Teams: GG 1 – 0 IMT
  • Time: 30:21
  • Kills: 16 – 6
  • Turrets: 10 – 1
  • Gold: 60k – 45.9k
  • Dragons: 4 – 0
  • Barons: 1 – 0

Image credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

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2023 LCS Spring Split Week 3 Day 2: FlyQuest Continue Their Unbeaten Streak
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