Zenless Zone Zero Currencies Guide: All Currencies Explained

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Zenless Zone Zero Currencies Guide: All Currencies Explained

Get a bang for your buck in Signal Search with our comprehensive guide on Zenless Zone Zero currencies, and what they're used for.

Zenless Zone Zero is the newest kid on the gacha RPG block, and much like past MiHoYo titles, it has more than a few currencies you need to keep track of.

Follow our guide to know all Zenless Zone Zero currencies, what they do and how to get them.

Zenless Zone Zero — All Currencies Explained

Zenless Zone Zero has five currencies, each with their specific uses. These range from money you can earn in-game, to special currencies you can use to pull on ZZZ's gacha.

ZZZ Denny — What Is It?

Zenless Zone Zero Currencies Guide: All Currencies Explained

The most basic currency in ZZZ is the Denny, New Eridu's legal tender. Dennies are the most common in-game currency that is used to purchase various item buffs for your Agents. They're also the easiest to get.

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Denny Sources:

  1. Commissions (Crates, Assets etc.).
  2. VR Training.
  3. Random Play.
  4. Signal Exchange.
  5. Combat Simulation – Basic Upgrade Materials.
  6. Video Store.
  7. Bangbuck Exchange.

ZZZ Gear Coin — What Is It?

Zenless Zone Zero Currencies Guide: All Currencies Explained

Gear Coins are special currencies found in Exploration Commissions. These gold coins unlock supply boxes in the Hollow, giving you tons of rewards and other currencies.

Gear Coin Sources:

  1. Exploration Commissions (Gear Coin Cases).

ZZZ Monochrome Film — What Is It?

Zenless Zone Zero Currencies Guide: All Currencies Explained

Monochrome Film is a paid currency used to buy Gift Box bundles in Zenless Zone Zero's Bundle Shop. These are limited, and include level-up materials for your Agents, currency packs and W-Engine Materials.

Monochrome Films can also be converted into Polychromes.

Monochrome Film Sources:

  1. Inter-Knot Membership.

ZZZ Polychrome — What Is It?

Zenless Zone Zero Currencies Guide: All Currencies Explained

Polychromes are top-tier currencies used to replenish Battery Charge, increase your “New Eridu City Fund” level and buy Master Tape/Encrypted Master Tape — materials used to pull for Agents and W-Engines in ZZZ's Signal Shop gacha.

Polychrome Sources:

  1. Monochrome Film.
  2. Commissions.
  3. Achievements.

ZZZ Residual Signal — What Is It?

Zenless Zone Zero Currencies Guide: All Currencies Explained

Lastly, Residual Signals are special currencies used to purchase Master Tapes, Agents, and W-Engines from the Signal Shop. These are obtained when you pull S, A and B-tier rewards from the Signal Search.

Residual Signal Sources:

  1. Signal Search.

ZZZ vs Genshin Impact Currency Comparison

ZZZ and Genshin Impact basically follow the same currency format, so we compared each of their currencies and highlighted the differences for all you Genshin fans out there.

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Genshin has been out for longer, so it has more forms of currency due to its events over the years. That said, we're only comparing the basic currencies from both MiHoYo titles for ease of reading.

Dennies Are Mora

Both currencies are the most common and are earned in various ways. They are also used to purchase food buffs and numerous other items in-game.

Monochrome Films Are Genesis Crystals

Both currencies can be exchanged for premium currency on a 1:1 ratio. These are also paid currencies that you can get during special circumstances.

Polychromes Are Primogems

The most obvious connection to both games is that using 160 of these items earns you a single pull on the banners. Polychromes and Primogems are also widely available through various tasks and achievements (though they are a bit of a grind to get.)

Residual Signals Are Masterless Stardust

Both are obtained through pulling on the gacha side of things. Residual Signals are easier to get however since they come with three tiers of rewards unlike Stardust's 3-star weapon source.

Gear Coins Are Unique to ZZZ

Finally, Gear Coins can only be found in Zenless' Exploration Commissions. The closest comparison to Genshin currencies would be the oculi you search for to unlock more rewards/stamina via the Statues of the Seven.

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